A Simple Running Log

May 9, 2013

Training for 5/9/13

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Well, I didn’t do my strength training last night. But I did it this morning! Because I didn’t do the run I had scheduled, haha.

I got up pretty early to do the 60-minute tempo run that was on today’s schedule. I got dressed, I ate my breakfast and then I just changed my mind. I don’t know why; I didn’t feel particularly tired, definitely wasn’t sore or anything and it was probably a perfect morning for it today. But I just fed Pepper and let him out, and then when he came back in, I got undressed and went back to bed.

After Clark left for work, Pepper and I went upstairs, and I did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights, and finished all that up with some stretching.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day, but now it’s that dang tempo run.

I will have already hit my 40 hours for the week by the time I go home today, so I get a bonus day off tomorrow, which means I won’t be around to update this until Monday. So between now and then, I’m supposed to make up that tempo run tomorrow, and over the weekend, run three miles at goal race pace and one last two-hour long run.

Outside of running, we’re taking Pepper back to the vet tonight to get his stitches removed (today was the first day in more than a week he had to stay home alone while we went to work, and I’m really hoping we don’t come home to blood all over the floor from where he removed the stitches himself), I might go sit on the beach for a little bit tomorrow if it’s as nice as they say it’s going to be, we’re going to a golf tournament Saturday, there’s the Darlington race to watch Saturday night and of course, Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I’m going to my mom’s house.


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