A Simple Running Log

May 6, 2013

Training for 5/6/13

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I had another good weekend of running. Neither run went exactly as I planned, but they both went well.

Saturday morning, I was at Kara’s house just a little after 9 a.m. Her youngest, Jamie, just got glasses. I told him they looked good on him, and he said, “Yeah, I know.” Love the confidence on that kid, haha.

We drove up to Kent Island and easily found the Cross Island Trail head at Terrapin Nature Park. It was a gorgeous day for a run — a little on the chilly side just standing still, but perfect shorts and T-shirt weather once we got moving. It was also a clear, sunny day, and all the trees lining the bike path were bright green with new leaves.

We did an easy mile to warm up, and then we sped up for what we intended to be five miles at my goal half marathon pace (7:15/mile). It just so happened we started the pace miles near Kent County High School, and there were a ton of people milling around all the ball fields and the track outside, so we had to dodge them. But by halfway through that first mile, we had left the campus behind and were on a mostly open path.

I figured the pace was going to be a challenge for Kara. She had been dealing first with an illness and then some dehydration issues that hit her last weekend after she ran a 10K. I told her I didn’t mind backing off a little if she needed to, but she insisted I run my intended pace.

So I did. I really wish I could remember the splits now, but the first two miles were something like 7:10 and then 7:16. In the third mile, I heard her calling ahead for me, so I paused the Garmin and waited for her. She wasn’t feeling so hot, so we took the rest of the third mile at an easy pace. But she wanted to get in the last two miles at a hard pace again, so we did. My last two miles were 7:11 and then 7:02, I think. I remember the 7:02. So my average for the four complete fast miles was a little under 7:10/mile, which I was pleased with.

We ran-walked the final mile back to the car to cool down, putting in 7 miles for the day. Kara had thought to bring two boxes of Hershey’s chocolate milk with her, one for each of us. That really hit the spot! We went to a sushi place for lunch and did a little shopping at the Nike and Under Armour outlets on the way back.

When I got home, Clark left to go golfing with his brother, so I stayed in with Pepper all night. The Talladega Nationwide Series race was really good, once they got it going after all the rain, so I was really looking forward to the Sprint Cup race the next day.

Sunday morning, I had a long run on the schedule. I had the worst time getting my ass off the couch though! It was almost 11:30 a.m. when I finally left. I was supposed to run two hours, which would be enough time to cover the 14.5-mile loop again. But as I was running, I thought about what else I wanted to get done, including finally going grocery shopping (dinner the night before had been beer and breakfast that morning had been a bowl of scraps of cereals, frozen fruit and the last bit of plain Greek yogurt) before stopping by Laura and Chuck’s housewarming.

So I decided to cut it short at nine miles, which took 1:12, and then finish up the last 5.5 miles after the housewarming. That’s always really dangerous for me, putting off a run until the evening like that. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really like to procrastinate.

I took a shower, got the grocery shopping done and drove to the housewarming. Just as I parked, they were putting the race under the red flag for rain. I assumed it’d either have been called (it was past halfway at that point, so it would have been official) or resumed and finished by the time I left the housewarming.

I had a great time at the housewarming. When I got in my car to leave, I was surprised to hear the race was still under a rain delay and they hadn’t called it yet. When I got home, it had stopped raining and they were drying the track, but it was going to be a while before they’d be able to race again.

I surprised myself with what I did next — I actually changed into running clothes and hit the road again. The last few miles flew by, and I wound up completing the entire 14.5 miles in a total of 1:57:09, an 8:05/mile average. It wasn’t the same as just running two hours straight, but it was better than nothing. Maybe next time I won’t be so lazy in the morning. Right.

I got home from my run just in time to see the restart of the race with about 60 laps to go. And Bobby Labonte was leading! He even led for several laps! I thought maybe I was hallucinating, until he lost the lead and immediately my brother sent me a message that said, “It was good while it lasted. He got more coverage than the last four years combined.” Thanks, jerk.

There was another big wreck with about six laps to go (that Bobby was in, unfortunately) but then, in the green-white-checkered finish, David Ragan and David Gilliland, teammates from an underfunded team, hooked up and passed all the big names at the front and got the upset 1-2 finish. It was really cool seeing their team owner having a fit on pit road after the finish, haha. I seriously doubt anyone, even anyone on either of those teams, thought Ragan would win that race.

This morning, I had an easy 3-miler on the schedule. My calves were worn the hell out from this weekend’s running, but I got through the miles OK. Once I stopped running and tried to walk, they were practically shaking for a few minutes. It was weird. They feel fine now though.

After breakfast, I made myself go upstairs and do my strength training, since I knew there was no way I was going to do it after the town meeting I have to cover tonight. I did abs, push-ups and invisible chair-sitting, and then I did several reps of this “all-in-one” move with the weight bar in the Abs Diet book. Sounds simple, but that workout was no joke. I finished all that up with some stretching.


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