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May 1, 2013

Training for 5/1/13

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Since we brought Pepper home more than two and a half years ago, I’ve seen him run into all kinds of things — the coffee table, the couch, walls, door frames. Always at top speed. It’s like when he gets running that fast, his brain can’t process anything beyond the forward motion, and he just slams into stuff.

He’s always bounced right off it, completely unfazed, other than the time he ran face-first into a door frame and it made him sneeze about a dozen times haha.

Until last night!

Clark had just gotten home (I had a couple of late meetings to cover.) He let Pepper out, whose favorite thing to do is run in circles in the yard, again at top speed. As Clark was walking around the right rear corner of the Crown Vic, Pepper came flying around it too, but for whatever reason, he tried to run between Clark and the car.

Once again, Pepper slammed his face into something, this time the corner of the car. Unfortunately, in the process, he caught his left ear on the exhaust pipe, ripping it wide open.

Blood. Everywhere.

Clark said Pepper was relatively calm about the whole thing; he mostly just wanted to lick the blood off everything. Clark tried to get the bleeding to stop, but every time it looked like he’d succeeded, Pepper would shake his head, making his ears whip around, and reopen the gash.

Clark called me for Pepper’s vet’s name, but I was pretty sure the office was closed by that time, so I told him to take him to an emergency vet in Salisbury.

He also sent me this picture:

pepper accident

So Clark and Pepper loaded up in the Crown Vic and headed to Salisbury. Blood was still pouring out of the open wound on the ear, getting all over the car. Just to top off everything, Pepper took a dump on the front seat of the car too.

I have never been so grateful to have been stuck covering a late meeting, by the way!

The vet had to sedate Pepper, and then she stitched up his ear. While she was working on him, Clark went to a nearby Kmart, where he felt a little weird buying cleaning supplies while wearing blood-splattered clothing, and then he tried to clean up the inside of the car.

When Clark got back, the stitching was done and Pepper was waking up. As soon as he did, he shook his head again — once again reopening the wound. So the vet wrapped a giant bandage around his head to hold the ear in place, put a cone on him, charged Clark $500 and sent them on their way.

Clark and Pepper got home just before I did. I came in to find blood all over the place and a drugged up, pitiful-looking dog with a small bandage over the IV injection site on his front leg, a big bandage wrapped around his head and his sad little face peering at me from the center of a giant cone.

Yes, Pepper got all the sympathy cuddling he needed last night! He kept making this low, sad whining noise, and he wouldn’t lie down unless one of us lied down with him. Clark asked me to just take Pepper to bed while he cleaned up.

The kitchen.

The kitchen.

Have you ever tried to snuggle with a sad dog wearing a cone? It’s really hard, haha. But eventually I found a way to lie next to him without getting my face crushed by the cone, and we got some sleep.

This morning, the drugs had worn off and Pepper seemed to be feeling better. At first, he was afraid to walk with the cone, but by the time I dropped him off at Clark’s grandmother’s house for the day, he was bounding around and crashing into things with it, mostly my legs.

Since he was feeling better, I felt it was appropriate to take some pictures, because I can’t stop laughing at him!

pepper cone 1

pepper cone 2

This last one’s my favorite — he looks like a lamp that fell off a table.

pepper cone 4

The vet said Pepper should wear the cone for the next seven to 10 days, and then we’ll take him back to get the stitches removed. She also said since he bled so much, the stitches should heal nicely.

We promised Pepper chicks dig scars, and we would tell all the ladies he got his from a fight with a mountain lion that he won, not a fight with an exhaust pipe that he lost.

And in the middle of all that, I ran an easy 3-miler this morning.



  1. Aww, poor Pepper!!! Your kitchen floor looks like the walls in my hallway!! Back when Heidi was alive (and not feeling very well), she ripped into Sherman’s ear one night when he got too close to her steak. He promptly ran through the house, shaking his ear – splattering blood over everything in the process.

    I hope Pepper gets well soon!

    Comment by kafishgirl — May 1, 2013 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the get well wishes! I think he’ll survive!

    Comment by aschmid3 — May 1, 2013 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

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