A Simple Running Log

April 25, 2013

Training for 4/25/13

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This morning, I had my second speed workout of the week on the schedule, a 30-minute tempo run.

It was just warm enough to get by with shorts this morning, thanks to the sun and no thanks to the gusting winds. Luckily, the wind was blowing almost in the right direction for the second time this week, so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem while I was actually trying to maintain a decent pace.

I did an easy mile to warm up with the wind mostly in my face, and then I made a turn out of the wind and sped up for 30 minutes. The last half-mile or so was kind of facing the wind again, but it wasn’t too bad, and I had covered exactly 4.2 miles at the end of that half hour, an average pace of 7:08/mile.

I slowed down to something closer to 8:00/mile and ran the rest of the way back home, finishing off 7.3 miles in 55:30, a 7:36/mile overall average pace.

Tonight, I’ll do my second strength training workout of the week. It wouldn’t be a problem if tomorrow was going to be a rest day like it’s supposed to be, but since we’re going to the NASCAR race this weekend, I want to get the first of three two-hour long runs out of the way tomorrow. I probably won’t have time for it Saturday morning before we leave for Richmond, and I definitely won’t feel like doing it Sunday when we get back.

I fully expect tomorrow’s long run to suck for the second week in a row, but oh well.


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