A Simple Running Log

April 23, 2013

Training for 4/23/13

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Remember yesterday, when I promised I was going to do my strength training last night like I was supposed to, and stick to my schedule this week?

I lied.

I got home a lot later than expected last night after an article took a lot longer to force myself to write than expected, and by that time, all I wanted was dinner and an evening on the couch watching crap TV. So that’s what I did.

But! This morning, I actually got up when my alarm went off (OK, the second time it went off), got dressed and did my interval workout before work!

I had five 800-meter repeats at 10K pace on the schedule today. Rather than waste the time driving into town to run on the track, I programmed the Garmin to measure out five half-mile repeats with a quarter-mile of rest between each, plus a warm up and cool down.

It wasn’t as cold as yesterday, but it was still chilly enough to need capris and a long-sleeved top. Plus, it was pretty windy.

As I took off on my warm up mile, the wind was directly in my face, meaning, since I’d make a turn before starting the intervals, it would be coming from the side or from behind me during all five intervals. So that was working with me for once.

I hit the ‘lap’ button after the first easy mile to start the first interval. I didn’t check the pace at all through the whole workout; I just tried to run by feel. I think Brad turned off the sound on the thing before he sent it to me, because it’s never chirped to announce the end of a mile or an interval the way other people’s do, and I’ve not yet bothered with trying to figure out how to turn it back on. I had to keep an eye on it to see when to start and end each interval.

I sailed through all five intervals, and then did two more miles easy to cool down, finishing off my 6.5-mile loop in just under 50 minutes, an overall average pace of 7:41/mile.

I scrolled through the laps as I walked back to the house. I couldn’t believe the paces I’d been running during those intervals. I was shooting for around 7:00/mile, and really felt like that was about where I was, but the actual paces were 6:51, 6:50, 6:45, 6:25 and 6:38. Thank you, tailwind!

So that went well. It also felt really good to get that out of the way before my regular Tuesday morning meeting for once.


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