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April 22, 2013

Training for 4/22/13

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Friday night, when I got home from work, I did a quick strength workout upstairs, just abs and a routine using the weight plates, before I met TK and her boyfriend for dinner. Clark went to an O’s game with a coworker that night, who had also invited another guy I see on a regular basis for work — hopefully my drunk husband didn’t affect this guy’s opinion of me, haha.

Saturday, Clark had to be at work at noon to interview a potential hire for the engineering department, so I got outside early enough to get my long run done beforehand. It was a breezy, chilly and overcast day, and I was feeling a little sluggish after the previous three days’ consecutive fastish runs, so I’m blaming all that for the fact it took me 1:53 to finish my 13.2-mile loop this week. Oh well, it was done.

The interview didn’t go all that well for Clark, mostly because the job candidate never showed up. Never even called or anything! Clark and a couple of the higher-ups sat there for almost two hours waiting for the jerk.

That afternoon, we drove up to Alexandria to see Chad and Samira. We had a pretty good time that night in Alexandria’s Old Town, including dinner at a pizza place where I inadvertently ordered a $26 bottle of beer, haha. Yes, it was good. Probably wouldn’t order another for that kind of money though!

Sunday morning, we left around 10:30 a.m. to get brunch. The first two people we saw were both wearing race bibs and space blankets. Turned out there was a big 10-mile race that morning that ended right in Old Town. Clark asked if seeing those two caused me to suddenly want to start running. Um, no. I wasn’t in any shape to run a mile yesterday morning, let alone 10.

We drove into downtown D.C. for brunch at Founding Farmers. It was really good. We all shared an order of homemade beignets, that came with caramel, chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces. One of my favorite memories from New Orleans was the beignets at Cafe du Monde, and these were just as good, maybe even better. Then I had eggs Florentine that were so good it almost makes me want to learn how to poach an egg and make Hollandaise sauce — almost. And we all got to help Samira finish off her vanilla pastry cream-stuffed French toast with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

If you can’t tell, I really enjoyed brunch, haha. I must have been in a food coma when we got up to leave though, because I left my stupid wallet on the table, like a moron.

I didn’t realize it until we’d gotten back to the car and were leaving the parking garage. We drove back to the restaurant, where I found out someone had turned it into the hostess (they probably saw the ancient flip phone, $4 cash and Delaware ID and figured my credit cards just weren’t going to be worth the hassle haha.) A manager had already found my parents’ cell and home numbers in my phone and called them in an attempt to get a hold of me to let me know they had the wallet.

By the time I got back in the car, my dad was calling Clark’s phone. Now most people, once they found out I’d already gotten the wallet back, would have been like, “Oh, OK, glad that worked out, talk to you later.” Not my dad. He gets hopped up about anything outside his ordinary routine, and I got to hear the whole rousing tale multiple times, from the weird number that came up on the caller ID to the manager telling him I had left my wallet at the restaurant. He’s probably going to tell that story all week, so I apologize in advance to everyone he comes in contact with.

Anyway, we were going to look at the cherry blossoms after that, but it looked like we’d completely missed the season. Maybe next year.

Clark and I drove home in the afternoon, so I had plenty of time to get in that day’s scheduled 5-mile pace run, but not much motivation. Finally, around 6 p.m., I figured if it was going to happen, I better get out. I got dressed, and still, right up to the moment I finally stepped out of the house, I was seriously debating on whether or not I should just skip it.

I made a deal with myself — if I felt as crappy as I expected, I could just turn around at the 1.5-mile mark and do an easy 3-miler, and save the pace run for this morning. I didn’t wear the Garmin or even run the chrono on the Timex, that’s how sure I was it was going to be a shortened run.

Sometimes you surprise yourself though. I felt freaking awesome as I took off down the road, and I sped up to what felt like was probably close to my goal pace. (Who really knows though — maybe I was way off.) Either way, I sailed right past the 1.5-mile point and kept on going. I polished off the whole 5.5-mile loop and was, of course, really glad I’d pushed myself out the door.

Must have been that fancy beer the night before. No wonder it cost so much!

This morning, I took Pepper to the trail for today’s scheduled easy 3-miler. It was pretty cold here for some stupid reason, like down around freezing. Pepper had to wear his dork jacket and I actually had to wear gloves and a beanie. Not acceptable. Once we got running, it didn’t feel too cold though, and we had another good run.

Tonight, I swear I’m going to do the strength training I should, and tomorrow I’m going to get up before work and do my intervals, instead of pushing everything back and screwing up the schedule again.



  1. Note to self…avoid Abby’s dad this week 🙂 I can hear him telling the tale now!!!

    Comment by Laura — April 22, 2013 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

    • Haha you’ve been warned!

      Comment by aschmid3 — April 22, 2013 @ 7:45 pm | Reply

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