A Simple Running Log

April 19, 2013

Training for 4/19/13

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I sort of did my tempo run this morning.

I took Pepper with me again today, this time to run the 6.5-mile loop. The training schedule called for a 50-minute tempo run, so I thought it would probably take us about that long to run that loop.

It was an overcast and breezy but warm morning. It took Pepper a little while to get going, but once he did, we sailed right through it.

I wore the Garmin, so I have the mile splits, but I can’t remember them now. I know the first one was something like 8:00, and then they got faster from there. The last two miles were 7:09 each, and then I slowed him down to a 7:45 pace for the final half-mile, for a cool down.

I think we finished the whole loop in about 48:30, a 7:29/mile average. I guess there isn’t much point to wearing the Garmin to track these runs if I can’t even remember the data.

Tomorrow, I’ll do my long run in the morning, and then we’re most likely going to northern Virginia to visit Chad and Samira. They’ve lived there for a while now, and we’ve never been there.

We’ll probably come back early Sunday, so I’ll wait to do my scheduled pace run until we get home. There’s a NASCAR race to watch in the afternoon, this time from Kansas. I hope Bobby Labonte has a much better day than he did in Texas!


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