A Simple Running Log

April 11, 2013

Training for 4/11/13

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Last night, I did my second strength training workout of the week — push-ups, abs and weights. It was a little on the warm side in the attic, but not too bad. I got to go topless for the first time this year, so I didn’t mind.

This morning, I had on the schedule a 45-minute tempo run. After slugging through those tough intervals yesterday morning and strength training last night, I knew the smart thing to do would be to switch the tempo run with tomorrow’s rest day, and just take off today. My training schedule has been thrown off all week after I pushed back the long run to Monday morning.

But the weather today was perfect again — mid 60s and sunny — while tomorrow’s supposed to be cooler and raining. So I did the dumb thing and ran today anyway.

Instead of doing a proper tempo run though, I just took Pepper with me, and let him set the pace.

I guess it was a little on the warm side for Pepper’s tastes, because he wasn’t flying along the way he was the last time I ran with him in lieu of a tempo run. I wore the Garmin, and we covered the 8.2-mile loop in 1:03, a 7:42/mile average pace.

The mile splits ranged from 7:23 to 8:00. The slower ones were the miles in which we ran into unrestrained dogs and Pepper had to stop for a face-off.

About halfway through the run, I heard this beagle start barking from a yard pretty far off the road, and then I heard the barking get closer as it ran out to the road and tried to run us down. It never got too close to us, but Pepper kept turning around to look at it, which I’m sure was only egging it on. Finally, after about a half-mile, it gave up.

Other than that, the run was pretty routine.


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