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April 10, 2013

Training for 4/10/13

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This morning, I did the interval workout I was supposed to do yesterday.

My legs still felt a bit leaden, but not as bad as yesterday. And I really couldn’t complain about running this morning, because it was so freaking nice outside!

The last time I went to the track, exactly a week ago, it was below freezing. I had on tights and two tops, gloves and a beanie.

Today is supposed to be in the mid 80s, and at 7 a.m., it was already in the low 60s. Perfect shorts and tank top weather. It was also clear and sunny, and not too windy.

The track was empty when I got there. I turned on my iPod and did an easy mile to warm up. The blister on my right Achilles, from the first time I wore my new Zeroes last Thursday, just will not go away. The left one healed up already, but the right one is still hanging in there and being a pain, even with a Band-Aid on it.

I was supposed to do four 800-meter repeats at 10K pace today, so I was shooting for 3:30 per split. The first one was 3:28, but it felt harder than it should have!

I did a lap of recovery, and then ran the second repeat in 3:27. I could feel my legs getting heavier. I couldn’t believe I’d only run two 800-meter repeats, as worn out as my legs felt.

After another recovery lap, I did the third one in 3:23. At least I was getting progressively faster, even as my legs were feeling progressively worse.

I wasn’t too confident the last repeat was going to be my fastest today, but I pulled off a 3:22 on the last one.

Boy was I glad to have those behind me. I’ve done twice as many 800s, all faster than today’s, and felt less trashed at the end.

I did a final recovery lap, drank some water and then started two last easy miles for a cool down.

During my repeats, one walker had shown up, stuck to one of the other five lanes, walked a couple of laps and left. No problem.

But then, while I was running my cool down, another one showed up. I was running by the opening in the fence when he first walked into the stadium. I know he saw me in the first lane.

As I was coming around the next time, still in the first lane, he finally wandered out to the track, making a beeline for the first freaking lane. He got to it just steps before I did — but he didn’t even start walking! He just stood on a line and did this marching in place warm up move.

Seriously? He couldn’t have waited five more seconds for me to go by before he parked himself in the lane I know he saw me using? I know walkers like to start in the first lane and then change lanes every lap to keep count — I do the same thing when I’m doing those cool down miles — but really, a little courtesy would go a long way here.

This is why I hate large races. I can’t even get along with one stupid walker on an otherwise empty high school track.

Anyway, I finished the cool down, bringing today’s total to 6 miles. Tonight, I’m supposed to do more strength training.


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  1. Every time I read about “walkers” showing up, I always think of zombies, haha… And as for your last walker – what a jerk!

    Comment by kafishgirl — April 10, 2013 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

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