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April 4, 2013

Training for 4/4/13

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Last night, my in-laws gave me for my birthday my third pair of New Balance Minimus Zeroes:

gray minimuses

I could not wait to run in them this morning!

The sun finally came up today. After I fed Pepper (and saw on my phone it was 25 stupid degrees outside) I layered up again, and tied on my shiny new Zeroes.

I love new running shoes. I really love a new pair of these particular shoes.

Normally I wouldn’t run two speed workouts back-to-back, but even though I’d done Tuesday’s intervals yesterday, I decided to stick to the schedule and do today’s tempo run. It was only 30 minutes this week, and it just felt wrong to break in these shoes with a short easy run.

I wore the Garmin today so I could finally get an accurate reading of how far I ran during the hard part of the run. The online route mapping site I use has proven to be very accurate, but the road on which I usually reach the end of a 30-minute tempo run is surrounded by trees on both sides for about a half-mile, with no landmarks, so it’s tough to know where to end the route online.

I ran an easy 8:24 mile to warm up, and then sped up for 30 minutes. The pace felt great today. Not easy, but really good. And other than the low temperature, it was a perfect morning to run, calm and sunny.

I ran 4.18 miles in those 30 minutes, a 7:11/mile average. I backed off to about an 8:00/mile pace for the remaining couple of miles home.

In all, the Garmin said I ran 7.3 miles in 55:03, a 7:32/mile average for the whole loop.

The new Zeroes were everything I hoped they would be. I did get a blister on the back of each foot, where the top of the collar was rubbing, but that’s just because they’re new. Once they get broken in, those collars will lose the stiffness, and they’ll be fine.

I’m really happy to be running in Zeroes again!


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