A Simple Running Log

March 28, 2013

Training for 3/28/13

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Last night, Clark put me through another strength workout at my request. I was already a little sore, still, from the first one Monday night, and by the time I finished last night’s, I was really not looking forward to a speed workout this morning.

But, like I said two days ago, I asked for this, so I’m only getting what I wanted!

This morning I woke up just as unexcited about trying to run fast as I’d expected. In fact, I thought about not running at all today and doing the tempo run tomorrow, which is supposed to be a rest day.

Then I looked at Pepper. Just like I have Clark to push me through a real strength workout, I have a ridiculously fast dog who doesn’t do easy paces.

After breakfast, Clark left for work and Pepper and I left for a run. Once again, I was in tights and gloves and an earband, and Pepper was in his dork jacket, but it was otherwise a decent day for a run.

I wore the Garmin again today. I didn’t look at it until the end of the loop, just to make sure we’d gotten in my intended mileage. I let Pepper set the pace for me.

Pepper was flying right along today. It always amazes me how totally effortless he makes running look. He takes short, quick steps, barely at a trot, while I’m doing everything I can to try to keep up.

Not gonna lie, the pace wasn’t easy for me — I’m tired of running in the 890s every day, and I could definitely feel the toll last night’s workout had taken on just about every muscle in my body.

I resisted the urge to pull back on Pepper’s pace though. I watched the Garmin to see when it rolled over to 5.5 miles, and hit the stop button.

We had just run the 5.5-mile loop in 39:02.

I’m positive I have never run that loop in less than 41 minutes. The Garmin said the run’s overall average pace was 7:06 a mile, but the best part was the individual mile splits — 7:22, 7:11, 7:08, 6:57 and 6:58, with the final half-mile also at a sub-7 pace. It was a freaking progression run!

That’s also a much faster pace than my current 5-mile race PR, which is great, because the first race of the summer series, the Masser 5-Miler, is coming up on Memorial Day weekend. Looks like I have a good chance at knocking off another PR there.

As good as I felt after today’s run, I’m definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!


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