A Simple Running Log

March 26, 2013

Training for 3/26/13

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Last night, Clark put me through my first real strength workout in quite a while, judging by all the pissing and moaning coming from my end, haha.

He insisted on adding a little more weight to each exercise, and he wasn’t letting me get away with any shoddy form or corner-cutting either. By the last set of triceps dips, my arms were so completely spent I couldn’t get out the last one.

But, that’s why I asked for his help, so he’s only doing what I wanted.

This morning, I had a hill workout on the schedule, so I went out to the Sharptown Bridge.

It was another stupidly cold morning for late March. So cold, in fact, it was clear the bridge surface had only recently started to de-ice itself as the sun had come up. My shoes actually slipped a few times on the first couple of climbs.

I ran up and over the bridge six times, and did a mile to warm up and another to cool down. I wore the Garmin today, mostly to track the distance. It said I did all 5.5 miles at an average 8:16/mile pace. When I scrolled through the separate mile times, the ones on the bridge were faster than those on the flat ground. That surprised me, because it always feels like I’m moving in slow motion when I’m running up that bridge. It must have just been the downhills lowering the average pace.

I did some stretching at home.


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