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March 25, 2013

Training for 3/25/13

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We had a lovely winter weekend for running. Too bad it’s the end of March, and technically spring now.

Saturday, I stepped outside for an easy 3-miler. I was wearing my Zeroes. I felt nice and springy at first, having not run a step since I crossed the finish line at Shamrock six days earlier, but soon I could feel my calves tightening up. They kept getting tighter the entire run.

It felt exactly like the pain I was getting in my left calf when my last pair of Zeroes wore out, so I’m pretty sure that was the problem again.

After the run, I went to Salisbury to use a pass for a free hot yoga class I’d gotten at the December half marathon in Rehoboth. It’s the same people running it as the one in Lewes I went to a few times last year. They just opened the new second location in Salisbury in January. It’s half the distance from me as the one in Lewes, but it’s still pretty expensive, which is why I haven’t done hot yoga since last March.

The class I took was an intermediate class I think. It didn’t feel as hot in the room as I remember, but I definitely sweated as much as I remember. There were a few poses near the end of the 75-minute class that I had to hold at a less advanced point in the progression (and I heard other people giggling as they toppled over while trying these poses too, so I wasn’t alone at least) but I really enjoyed it. I wish it was something I could do more regularly.

We were lying in our final resting poses, on our backs with our eyes closed, when the teacher came around and gave us each a short shoulder massage, I think to help our shoulders sink more into the mat. It scared the crap out of me, haha. She was so quiet I didn’t even know she was there until she had her hands on my shoulders.

After the yoga class, I got a gift for a wedding this coming Saturday. I looked for a dress to wear, but I didn’t see anything I liked better than what’s already in my closet. I did, however, get another pair of running shorts that were on sale. Of course.

I was a complete slug the rest of Saturday. That night, Clark and I went to the EVO brewpub for dinner, to use one of the gift certificates Mom gave him for Christmas. Naturally, we forgot to give the waiter the gift certificate, so I guess we have to go back again before it expires. Darn.

Sunday morning, I was enjoying lying around and doing nothing again. Clark needed to go into work for a couple of hours before the race started, so that gave me the deadline I needed to finally get dressed and out the door for this week’s long run.

I had a 90-minute run on the schedule, so I planned on my 10.5-mile loop. If I’m going to run my goal time in St. Michaels, I have to do my long runs faster than I was doing them before Shamrock. I figured anything around an 8:15/mile pace would be good enough for me.

I was sore as hell from the yoga class the day before, and I was wearing the relatively clunky 890s since the Zeroes were giving me trouble, but the run still went pretty well. I wore the Garmin, and it said I did 10.5 miles in 1:25, an 8:10/mile average. I was closer to 8:00/mile until the last three miles, which were into the wind.

Sunday was spent on the couch again, this time watching the NASCAR race from California.

This morning, I woke up to this nonsense:

march snow

GROSS. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it was still coming down at this point too.

I had to wear my winter running jacket and my trail shoes to do any easy 3-miler on the road. The wet, heavy flakes were stinging my eyes, and then, less than a quarter-mile from home, some redneck in a jacked-up truck with mud tires flew past me, close enough to throw a solid sheet of slush on me, coating me from my ribs to my feet. The peaceful “winter” scene was interrupted by several choice words, haha.

When I got home, I made Pepper come outside. The little jerk had refused to do his business out there after breakfast on account of the snow. Since I was already covered in it anyway, I stood out there with him until he finally took a dump.

Tonight, Clark is putting me through my first strength training workout of this cycle. I’m a little nervous to see what he comes up with.

They finally released the Whale Challenge results last night. They did it differently this year; instead of adding our race times, they added our overall finish position in each race.

Based on that, I was the sixth woman of 75, and the 21st finisher of 164 total completers. I was pleased with that showing.

I tried to add these latest two medals from Shamrock to the rest, which have been hanging from a little trophy sitting on a shelf. The big ol’ medal they gave us for the marathon was too much for the trophy, unfortunately, so now I have to figure out what to do with all these:


Runner problems!


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