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March 19, 2013

Training for 3/19/13

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I do not have time at work today to write a post about everything that happened over the last few days, but here is the short version:

TowneBank 8K:

  • Chip time: 41:40
  • 31st/610 F 25-29
  • 204th/4,893 women
  • 743rd/8,026 finishers

Yuengling Shamrock Marathon:

  • Chip time: 3:40:44
  • 29th/229 F 25-29
  • 111th/1,291 women
  • 486th/2,991 finishers

The final Whale Challenge standings have not yet been figured out, but my combined time for the two races this year was 33 minutes faster than last year’s.

I didn’t get my sub-3:30 or BQ, but I did PR, so I’m happy with the marathon. It was a tough day; it was cold and we ran head-on into a steady 16 mph wind for what felt like all but about six miles, tops, of the entire race. My neck and shoulders felt almost as sore the next day, from bracing against the wind, as my calves. (But today, my calves have left my neck and shoulders in the dust, haha.)

The weather Saturday, for the 8K, was just about perfect, except for a rain shower that moved through after the finish. I was hoping Sunday would be a repeat minus the rain, but we didn’t get that lucky.

Overall, the weekend was amazing. The beach house worked out great; it was a lot cheaper than getting hotel rooms, and there was more than enough room for everyone. I’ve gotten to know some of my runner friends so well in real life I can no longer refer to them as “internet strangers.”

Waiting until tomorrow to write this race report also gives me more time to steal other people’s pictures from the weekend. I’ve gotten really lazy about taking my own pictures — it’s so much easier to just save all the shots other people post!

But, I do already have some of the professional race proofs, so here’s a couple of them:

Mary Jane (green tights) and me finishing the 8K, with Kraig (in the blue shirt right between us) sneaking up from behind.

Mary Jane (green tights) and me finishing the 8K, with Kraig (in the blue shirt right between us) sneaking up from behind.

mile 23ish

Mile 23 or so of the marathon. This race wasn’t nearly as miserably cold as Twin Cities, but once again, I needed the arm warmers and the throw away gloves for the whole thing.

Much more to come tomorrow!


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