A Simple Running Log

March 12, 2013

Training for 3/12/13

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I’ve not yet run today. I will though.

When my alarm went off this morning, it was dark, windy and raining outside. I fed Pepper and then let him out for his morning routine. But all he did was take a quick pee and then run back up to the door, expecting to be let inside.

I am so tired of coming home to dog poop on the floor if it was raining that morning, because His Highness is too dainty to cop a squat in less than perfect weather. Instead of letting him in, I put on Clark’s rain jacket and a pair of flip flops and went out. Neither of us were going back in until he’d taken care of business.

Pepper was not making the connection. He kept darting back to the door, staring at me pitifully, running back to where I was standing in the yard, whimpering pitifully, sniffing around and peeing a little more. We were both getting soaked.

I’m not sure, because it was so dark, but it looked like he finally took a dump on the other side of the yard. (I didn’t want to move, because I thought he might think I was heading inside and abandon what he was in the middle of.)

By the time that was done, it was too late to go to the track. Since I have the Garmin now, I could have set it up to measure out quarter-mile repeats for me and run the workout on the road, but I didn’t feel like messing with that this morning either. So I just packed some running clothes and took them to work with me.

I was going to go straight to Tuckahoe State Park after my usual Tuesday morning meeting, but the radar looked like the rain would clear up later this afternoon.

The final version of this plan is to change into my running clothes here at work, leave a little early to go to Tuckahoe and run my workout (I brought the Garmin to measure the repeats for me) and then just go home.


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