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March 11, 2013

Training for 3/11/13

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Less than a week to Shamrock!

I had a few good runs over my long weekend, and I feel really ready for Shamrock. Just a couple more short runs this week, and then it’s here!

Friday morning, I did what I knew I was going to do. Instead of getting up early and running a tempo run by myself while Clark was still home, I slept in, ate breakfast with Clark, saw him off to work and then suited up Pepper for a run at his pace. It was still cold that day, with sustained winds of 20 mph, so he had to wear his dork jacket.

I thought I was taking the easy way out by not doing the scheduled 30-minute tempo run. That run would have been a mile easy, 30 minutes at around a 7:20/mile pace, or a little more than four miles, and then the last couple of miles at an easy pace again.

I let the Garmin track the run for me, and it turned out I definitely made it a lot harder on myself by taking Pepper!

I didn’t look at the Garmin the whole time, except at the end, to see how close we were to the 7.2 miles I imagine that loop to be (it was right on it, by the way.)

When I hit stop, we had covered that loop in 52:07, a 7:14/mile average pace for the entire run. Our two fastest laps were a 6:53 and a 7:00 flat!

I couldn’t believe we’d run it that fast, especially with the wind blowing like it was, but the cold hard data was right there. I’m not saying the pace felt easy to me, but it didn’t feel that fast. And I definitely didn’t feel bad about not doing a proper tempo run.

I gave Pepper a treat and did some stretching. After I took a shower, he and I went to Dover, where I picked up my new prescription sunglasses and got lunch from a Mennonite-run farmer’s market that sells these amazing pulled pork sandwiches. I used to go there all the time when I was on active duty in Dover. The market is only open a couple days during the week, so it’s been a long time since I was in Dover on an afternoon when it was actually open.

I guess I was feeling nostalgic for my Air Force days after that, because then I drove up to Woodland Beach (not to be confused with the Woodland Ferry, near where we live — you’d think a state as small as Delaware could avoid duplicating names.) Woodland Beach is this cruddy little beach on the Delaware Bay, north of Dover. I used to drive up there after work and just sit on the sand. It’s not as nice as the beaches along the ocean, but it was better than nothing. There’s a fishing pier and a boat launch, and you can see Port Mahon, where all the jet fuel we used on base was off-loaded from tankers.

It was still cold and windy, and the sun had disappeared. Pepper and I walked along the beach a little, and then out to the end of the pier. The wind was coming straight off the bay. It was blowing so hard, Pepper was crouched down and low-crawling along the pier, like he was afraid of being blown off into the bay, haha.

Pepper was more than happy to get back in the car and out of there. We headed home. On the way, I decided to stop at Killens Pond State Park, another place I haven’t been since I got out of the Air Force.

There was one other car in the parking lot for the Pondside Trail when we got there. Naturally, 20 feet down the trail, we came upon the owner of that other car, and his two annoying, barking, lunging dogs. But once we got past them, we had the trail all to ourselves.

We wound up walking the entire 2.6-mile trail. Pepper kept trying to get me to run it instead. He was clearly annoyed with my new slow pace.

Pepper at Killens Pond

Pepper looking out over Killens Pond.

After a lap around the pond, we got back in the car and went home, arriving just about as Clark was getting home from work. We stayed in Friday night.

Saturday morning, I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop, untimed, and then Clark and I went to Milton, to the Dogfish Head brewery, for their Weekend of Compelling Ales and Whatnot.

For $15 each, we got a mini sampling glass, 3-oz. samples of 15 Dogfish Head beers and food pairings. Clark’s parents also went.

Everyone got a beer log, and they stamped each sample with a different stamp. This is what it looked like when it was complete:


It spells out “A hop-eclipse now!” The focus of the event was on IPAs.

I’m not a big IPA fan, but I still enjoyed most of the beers we got to sample. The two samples of 120 Minute with the added hops were a bit much for me, but I really liked the gluten-free Tweason’ale, which I expected to taste weird, and the Hot Hazel.

It was a really fun afternoon. Sam Calagione, the founder and president, was milling around and taking pictures with fans. I wanted to gripe to him about how the Dogfish Dash later this year is on the same morning as the Dover NASCAR race, AGAIN, but I never got around to it.

Dogfish Head is one of my favorite things about Delaware.

That evening, back at home, Clark sent out a mass text message to the 10 contacts in his phone inviting people over, and we wound up with my brother and his wife, our friend Mike and this guy we hadn’t seen since college in our kitchen. Clark’s boss passed, haha.

Sunday morning, we woke up late because of the time change. I lazed about for quite a while until I got up the motivation to do my final “long” run.

It really was a perfect day for a run yesterday. The winds were light, it was sunny and, best of all, it was warm enough to wear shorts a long-sleeved T-shirt. No gloves, no earbands, no pants. I felt good once I got out there, and did an untimed lap around my 8.2-mile loop.

There was one hiccup though. My iPod, the one I just got for Christmas, kept playing the same song over and over. I had to manually send it to the next song the whole run. It was like it was stuck on “repeat,” but I couldn’t find a repeat setting on it.

Clark fiddled with it when I got back home, and got it to work right again. When I asked him what he did, so I could fix it next time if it does it again, he refused to tell me. He said it was “marriage security,” haha. He eventually admitted he didn’t know what he did, it just started working again.

That afternoon, I wanted to clean the house. It desperately needed it. But once again, sitting on the couch and watching the NASCAR race was winning out. Then our friend Ben called and asked if we wanted to go to dinner with him and his girlfriend and their baby. That put a limit on how much time we had left in the day, which finally got us both off the couch and the house cleaned.

Ben and Hope and their adorable little 9-month-old girl, Delaney, got to our house just after the race ended. It was the first time I saw Pepper meet such a young kid. He wasn’t impressed, haha. Delaney seemed to love him — she sat in the floor and stared at him while making this loud, happy screaming sound. Pepper tolerated it, but the look on his face said, “This better be a temporary thing.”

Pepper is the only baby allowed in our house, apparently.

This morning, I did an easy 3-miler, and after breakfast, Pepper and I went upstairs, where I did push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting. We went back downstairs, where I did my barefoot exercises and a lot of stretching.

Tomorrow, I have a short speed workout, just four 400-meter repeats, and Wednesday is a repeat of today. And that’s it! Thursday and Friday are both rest days, and then it will be time for the Whale Challenge!



  1. I love that “loud happy screaming sound” she’s so good at!

    Comment by Laura — March 11, 2013 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

    • She was cracking us all up! Except Pepper, that is 🙂 She is so cute!

      Comment by aschmid3 — March 11, 2013 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

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