A Simple Running Log

March 7, 2013

Training for 3/7/13

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This morning, the rain (and non-snow) had moved on and it was sunny when I got up to run, but the wind was still kicking and it was still below freezing out.

I did the easy run I’d skipped yesterday, just an untimed lap around the 4.5-mile loop. The first mile and last half-mile were into the wind, and thus kinda sucky. But the other three miles in between were OK. I did some stretching at home.

Thanks to all the stupid meetings I have to cover for work in the first week of every month, I’ll be at 40 hours when I finally get to go home tonight, which means tomorrow is a bonus day off.

It’s supposed to still be windy tomorrow, but I’m going to try to do the last 30-minute tempo run of the training cycle before Clark leaves for work. What’s probably going to happen though is that I’ll sleep in, wait until Clark has already left and then just take Pepper for a lap around the 7.2-mile loop at his preferred pace.

This weekend, it’s finally going to feel like spring is getting close. Weather.com isn’t quite as optimistic about the high temperatures, but the local news this morning predicted we’ll be in the upper 50s this weekend, and low 60s by Monday. Finally!

I have another easy 4-miler scheduled for Saturday, and my last “long” run, an 8-miler, for Sunday.

The weather for the Shamrock Marathon is almost on the 10-day forecast, but not quite. Right now, the last day is the 16th, the day of the 8K, which is calling for overcast skies but only a 10 percent chance of rain, with a low of 37 and a high in the mid-50s. That would be great if that holds up for Sunday too.


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