A Simple Running Log

March 1, 2013

Training for 3/1/13

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This morning was Pepper’s and my usual easy run around the 3-mile loop on the cross country trail. I was hoping since it’s March now, we would immediately get warm weather, but no such luck. It wasn’t terribly cold, but it was cold enough I had to wear full-length tights and Pepper had to wear his dork jacket.

Pepper was driving me nuts today. He kept trying to pick up the biggest branches he could find along the side of the trail. He finally picked one from which I could break off an end, and he ran with that. Other than that, it was a routine run.

Earlier this morning, I was looking at Facebook while I ate my breakfast, and saw a post from the Rehoboth New Balance store, asking if we knew New Balance has supplied the U.S. military with running shoes and apparel for years.

Yeah, I knew that. It inspired me to dig out the New Balance running shoes I was issued in Air Force basic training in 2002. I knew they were nothing like the running shoes I wear today, but I’d forgotten just how heavy and clunky they really were:

old shoes

The ‘S9483’ you can kind of see written on the inside collar of the shoe was my “laundry mark.” We had to mark all of our clothes with that to keep them straight. I still have some of the civilian clothes I wore to basic that got marked, a pair of jeans that are now on grass-cutting duty and a T-shirt I got at Richmond International Raceway.

Now look at them next to the trail shoes I ran in this morning:

old and new shoes

We didn’t run in basic nearly as much as I do now, but it’s still amazing to me that I ran in those three days a week and never had any injuries or even little aches or pains. I don’t remember anyone else in my flight ever complaining about a running injury either. It makes you wonder just how necessary a $110 pair of fancy shoes are, compared to the cheapos.

Anyway, my current ones sure do a look a lot cooler (and both of them together weigh less than just one of the old ones.) And you have to admit, that’s what matters, haha.

While I was looking for them, I searched through another box full of paperwork from my time in the Air Force. I found my associate’s degree from the Community College of the Air Force (yes, that’s a thing.) I found my original orders to go to basic training and then tech school. I found the ID I was issued 10 days into basic training; we weren’t allowed to smile, so I look like a serial killer. And I found the results of one of my physical fitness tests from 2006 — I ran the 1.5-mile run in 11:32, a 7:40/mile pace. I can run 13.1 miles faster than that now!

This isn’t running-related, but I found this on Facebook this morning too:

maryland city

The dumbest thing is that she didn’t name a city, of course, but the icing on the cake is the fact she misspelled Wicomico while she was at it.

And finally, I wanted to post this picture of Pepper from last night. Clark was trying to eat a leftover chicken breast for dinner, so Pepper put on his saddest little face to try to get a bite of it:

pepper guilt trip

Yes, Clark gave him the last bite.

This weekend, the running schedule is pretty light. I’m supposed to do a 4-mile pace run tomorrow and a 12-mile long run Sunday.


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