A Simple Running Log

February 27, 2013

Training for 2/27/13

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Yesterday was not a good day for Pepper. First, he had to stay home alone while I ran. Then, he had to stay home alone some more while I went to work. The worst, however, was when Clark’s dad, who had agreed to get Pepper after work and take him back to Clark’s parents’ house, since I had to work late, forgot about him!

It was around 8:30 p.m., three hours later than Pepper normally gets to eat and use the bathroom, when I got home. I was expecting a big mess in the utility room, but somehow, he’d held on all that time. He took a five-minute pee when he finally got out though, haha.

I felt so bad! After he’d eaten and gotten more water and been in and out again, Pepper just wanted a big hug, and all was forgiven. Clark’s dad called a little while later to apologize again for forgetting Pepper, and to make sure he’d survived.

Of course, this only proves my theory that when Pepper poops on the floor in the hour he’s left alone while I run, he’s doing it out of spite.

Last night was Clark’s final one in Vegas (he passed the contractor’s exams yesterday.) He went to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, the one featured on A&E’s “Pawn Stars.”

Imagine my surprise when he sent me this picture:

bobby ring

That, my friends, is a ring worn by someone from the 2000 Winston Cup Series championship team — the one that Bobby Labonte drove for!

While I’m not into collecting all that NASCAR memorabilia anymore like I did when I was younger, a championship ring would be pretty cool. One problem though — it’s $15,000.

I thought that sounded like a lot, until Clark said the newer Super Bowl rings in the case were up to $100,000.

Anyway, this morning, since I only had an easy run on the schedule, I got to take Pepper again.

It really warmed up after all the rain passed through overnight. It was so warm, I got to wear shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt, and Pepper didn’t have to wear his jacket. It was also pretty windy, but I let that slide today.

We ran an uneventful lap around the 5.5-mile loop. Next week, my Monday and Wednesday easy runs drop back down to the 4.5-mile loop, and then the week after that, the last one before the marathon, they’re only 3 miles each.

When we got home, I ate some breakfast, and then did my push-ups workout, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting, weights and stretching.


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