A Simple Running Log

February 26, 2013

Training for 2/26/13

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This morning, I ran my last hill repeats before Shamrock. It was a rather cold morning, but the wind was calm for once, and I beat the rain that’s supposed to move in later today.

I drove out to the Sharptown bridge (no bicycle today), parked my car in the pull-off area near the bridge and did a mile on the flat road to warm up.

I ran up and over the bridge six times this morning. Traffic seemed especially heavy. The “shoulder” on the bridge isn’t even as wide as a bike lane, so if there’s traffic coming from both directions, the vehicle approaching me doesn’t have much room to give me. It gets a little bit scary when that approaching vehicle is a semi.

I managed to avoid getting clipped by a passing vehicle long enough to get in all six repeats. I did another mile to cool down, for a total of 5.3 miles today.

When I got home, Pepper was not happy with me for leaving him alone, but what else is new? At least he didn’t poop in the floor to punish me this time.

I showered and ate some breakfast, and then went in town for my court appearance. I just showed them my current registration, and everything was dropped, no fines. Now that whole headache is finally behind me.


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