A Simple Running Log

February 20, 2013

Training for 2/20/13

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This morning, I got up before the wind kicked up, and did an easy lap around my 5.5-mile loop. It was already breezy though, and the feels like temp was down around 24 degrees, according to weather.com. Tomorrow will be cold again, but then it’s supposed to finally warm up some this weekend, into the 50s. Sounds a lot better to me!

I ate some breakfast when I got home, and then after Clark left for work, I did ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting, weights and stretching downstairs again. I was at Walmart last night, but I forgot to get a light bulb to replace the burned out one in the attic.

Today, I went to the eye doctor for a regular exam for the first time in at least four years, maybe five. It felt like it was time to get my prescription updated.

The exam summary shows I have normal blood pressure, I’m 29.91 years old, I’m nearsighted and have astigmatism, but best of all, it reports I have photophobia — an unusual sensitivity to light.

This is good news, because it qualifies me for a tint waiver in Delaware, which means I don’t have to get it stripped off the front windows to get the car through inspection and then get it reapplied. What a relief!

When I first got my car’s windows tinted, on the last one I had, which was registered in Maryland and therefore legal, I did it purely for aesthetic reasons. But I’ve gotten really used to it, to the point where when I bought the car I have now, I had to get the windows tinted, because it felt uncomfortably bright in it all the time, even on a cloudy day. Ever since I got my license, I’ve always worn my prescription sunglasses to drive during the day, whether or not it’s sunny.

My eye doctor said he’s actually working with lawyers right now to get the tint law in Delaware rewritten to allow something on the front windows. He thinks it’s a silly law too. In the meantime though, I’m really grateful he signed that waiver for me.

And with that waiver, I can finally get the car past inspection and get the registration updated. I will no longer be a delinquent car owner!

I got some more good news today. My friend Brad, the one who let Clark and me stay at his place in California, got a new Garmin, and he wants to send me his old one, which still works fine, for nothing. Looks like I’ll be joining all the other technologically advanced runners soon. I’ll definitely use it for speed workouts and races, but I’ll probably stick to the ol’ Timex for the rest of my runs. I like not knowing.

He said it’ll get to me in plenty of time for Shamrock, which is good news. Greg, the guy from New York who was going to pace me for the second half, isn’t able to make it now, so I have a backup plan to stay on track for my sub-3:30. Plus, having the Garmin in the first half will help me keep from going out too fast. Probably.

I just hope I don’t turn into one of those Garmin users who whines about how the usually USATF-certified course was too long, when my Garmin shows I ran 26.6 miles or something at the finish line. Just about no one runs the tangents on a course perfectly, so just about everyone winds up running a little farther than the advertised race distance.


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