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February 12, 2013

Training for 2/12/13

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I’m back! I’m really and truly back!

I ran this morning. Just a lap around the 5.5-mile loop at a bit under goal marathon pace, but I finally freaking ran, for the first time since Surf City nine days ago.

It’s Tuesday, so I had to go out early to get in my run before the regular morning meeting. I stayed up too late last night and was still groggy, and I was also scared this run would end like my failed attempt on that hotel treadmill last Friday, when my lungs were still too full of crud to crank out even a couple of miles, but I knew today was a tipping point. I am no longer too sick to run, and if I kept putting it off because I was scared, soon I’d fall out of the habit and before I knew it, it would be time for Shamrock and I’d have lost everything I’d gained in training.

The days are finally getting noticeably longer here. It was already plenty light out at 6:45 a.m. I headed out in tights and a long-sleeved top, which already felt weird after running in shorts while I was in California. (You know, the whopping two times I actually ran outside there.)

Maybe I should have ditched the speed workout on my first run back, but there was a pace run on the schedule, and I really needed to feel like I was back on schedule. So 5.5 miles at a goal pace of 7:50/mile it was.

My legs felt pretty fresh and springy. Why wouldn’t they? They haven’t had shit to do for over a week now. My breathing, on the other hand, didn’t feel that great. There’s still just the slightest burn in my lungs when I breathe really deep, and I still have to cough every now and then, so I could feel it while running. It wasn’t anything like last Friday though, and other than a brief coughing fit around mile 2, everything held up.

The pace definitely felt more challenging than the last time I did a goal pace run, and I was way too happy to be done with 5.5 miles not much slower than the pace I expect to hold for 26.2 miles in a month and five days, but I considered the whole thing a win all around. I finished it in 42:03, a 7:39/mile pace. I needed that run bad! And it was nice to run an old familiar route again.

I did some stretching when I got home, and now I’m looking forward to cranking out these last two weeks of heavy training. I know I can do it.

One day, I really want to run the Daytona Beach Half Marathon. This year’s is being held this coming Sunday. Runners start on the track, run to the beach, run very briefly on the beach, where most of them will get to see the sunrise, and then run back to the track, where the race also finishes. Better yet, the race is the morning of Daytona 500 qualifying, and all runners get a ticket to qualifying.

A guy I knew in high school who now lives in Daytona is running it this weekend, and planning to take his kid to qualifying afterward. I was already a little green with envy, but then yesterday, it was announced four NASCAR drivers are running it too.

Jealousy factor DOUBLED.

Luckily, Bobby Labonte is not one of them, or I might have jumped right in the car and driven straight to Daytona, but Jimmie stupid Johnson is. I bet I could beat that jerk! Maybe. Man, I’d run until my lungs exploded just to outrun him. And as I passed him I’d scream “2005 COKE 600!” He’d have no idea what I was talking about, but I would, and it would be sweet.

Anyway, the other drivers confirmed are Kasey Kahne, Michael Waltrip (who has run Boston!) and Aric Almirola. I wish Danica Patrick would run it. I remember she did an interview for Runner’s World a couple of years ago, and said she ran a 37-minute 10K. That is smoking fast for a non-elite woman. Most of us can only dream of anything under 40 minutes.



  1. “I bet I could beat that jerk! Maybe. Man, I’d run until my lungs exploded just to outrun him. And as I passed him I’d scream “2005 COKE 600!” He’d have no idea what I was talking about, but I would, and it would be sweet.” <—–I am DYING laughing 🙂

    Comment by Laura A — February 13, 2013 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

    • Haha! Maybe I’d tack on “THIS IS FOR BOBBY!!” as I went by too, just to give him a clue.

      Comment by aschmid3 — February 13, 2013 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

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