A Simple Running Log

January 29, 2013

Training for 1/29/13

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This morning, I had a speed workout on the schedule, seven 800-meter repeats.

Since my usual Tuesday morning meeting is in the evening the last week of every month, I didn’t have to get up early to run today. And since I had so much time on my hands, I even drove into town and did the workout on the track, for the first time since Nov. 20.

Clark had just left for work when I was ready to go to the track. Pepper was upset I was leaving him alone, and refused to walk into the utility room. He plopped down defiantly in the dining room. Unfortunately for him, he only weighs about 60 lbs., so I scooped him up and took him to the utility room myself. That clearly didn’t turn out the way he’d expected.

He was howling his face off as I drove away. Maybe I’m totally cold-hearted, but that has no effect on me any longer. If I’d scrapped the track workout and tried to take him running with me on the road, he most likely would have been a complete tool about that too.

As I was pulling into the parking lot across the street from the track, I couldn’t see anyone on the track, and there were no cars parked in the line of parking spots closest to the street. An empty track? Score!

But right as I was parking my car, another car pulled into the spot a couple spots down from mine. Walker. Damn.

Oh well. It was such an amazingly nice day for a speed workout, I didn’t care. After a week of sub-freezing temperatures, it was in the low 40s this morning when I ran. Not quite shorts weather for me, but I did get to wear capri tights and only one light long-sleeved top, and I didn’t need a hat or thick fleece gloves or SmartWool socks. It felt like an early spring morning.

Since it was such a long track workout today (32 laps), I wore my iPod for the whole thing. I got it going and then I started my warm-up mile.

I felt ready to go when the warm-up mile was over. I took off on the first repeat, aiming for a 3:25.

I felt really comfortable for the first 400-meter lap, and when I finished it, I saw why — 1:49, way too slow if I want to run consistent 3:25s for 800 meters. I picked it up, and ran a 1:40 on the second lap, which at least got me in under 3:30 for the first repeat, a 3:29. I always run the first repeat too slow though, so that was normal.

I did a lap of recovery jogging, and then ran the second repeat in 3:23. A little fast that time.

After another recovery lap, I ran the third repeat in 3:24. Just about nailed it.

About that time, a second walker appeared. The first walker, the one who got there when I did, was sticking to the fourth lane. I was using the first, so we were getting along just fine. Then this second guy shows up and, of course, makes a beeline for the first lane.

I had to dodge him at least once on each of the four remaining repeats. Sometimes he was walking, and sometimes he was running. But I had to swing out in the second lane and blow by him every time.

I guess having someone to catch and pass on each of the last four repeats inspired me, because I blasted 3:25 every time — 3:18, 3:17, 3:19 and 3:15, my fastest 800-meter repeat ever.

After the final repeat, I kept running, intending to do a 2-mile cool down. As I came around a bend in the track, the guy who’d been in the first lane was walking toward me on his way out. Since I still had in my earbuds, I couldn’t hear what he said to me, but he had a look on his face like I imagine people used to get back in the 1600s when they saw a woman who could swim and thought that meant she was a witch, haha. I don’t think he was expecting to see a white girl go flying past him lap after lap during his workout!

The other walker left soon after that, and I finally had the place to myself for the last mile or so of my cool down. I did a total of eight miles today.

I felt pretty damn awesome as I walked back to my car. That was one of my best interval workouts in a long time. Was it the nice weather, the iPod, the buffalo steak and chocolate cake we had for Clark’s birthday dinner last night, all of the above or something else? Who knows. I love runs like today’s.


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