A Simple Running Log

January 23, 2013

Training for 1/23/13

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I wish Canada would take back its air.

Apparently that’s where all this extremely cold air is coming from, according to the local weatherman. A couple of high pressure systems teamed up to bring that crap all the way down here. 

I did something smart for once last night — I brought down the stability ball, the pull-ups bar and a bunch of weight plates from the attic, and did my strength training in the nice, warm downstairs, so I wouldn’t have to do it (or skip it) in the frigid attic after my run today. Last night, I did push-ups, ab exercises and weights, and I got to wear shorts and no shoes, and I didn’t need gloves to touch the weights. What a great idea!

So this morning, all I had to do was my Wednesday easy run, which increased to its maximum distance in this training plan, 5.5 miles. 

I layered up in the same outfit as yesterday and headed out before the sun came up. It’s a little chillier without the benefit of the sunlight, but the wind hadn’t kicked up yet. There was a bit of a breeze, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was a pretty routine run, except for the frozen face. My hands were a lot colder today than they were yesterday too for some reason.

I finished the 5.5-mile loop and then did some stretching at home. I also checked the temperature (I never do before heading out.) It was 15 degrees when I was done. I checked again when I left for work. The temperature had gone up to 22, but the wind had picked up to 15 mph, lowering the feels like temp to 9 freaking degrees.

One week from Friday, we’re flying out to L.A., where it’s supposed to get into the low 70s today. I can’t wait!


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