A Simple Running Log

January 22, 2013

Training for 1/22/13

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Last night, as I was warming up some leftover chili for dinner, I heard the wind suddenly whip up outside. Of course, my first thought was “Is it still going to be blowing like that when I have to run tomorrow morning?”

Weather.com informed me that yes, winds would be holding steady around 20 mph when I wanted to go out and run, and oh yeah, the temperature would already be well below freezing, so enjoy that feels like temp!

This morning, as Pepper was whining for his breakfast, I was already resigning myself to holding off on my planned 4 miles at goal marathon pace until after my regular early Tuesday meeting, once again on the trails at Tuckahoe. It was so dark and cold and windy outside before 7 a.m. It just did not look appealing.

I fed Pepper and then let him out the back door, expecting him to run out, take a quick pee and come darting back in. But he didn’t. He stayed out there for more than five minutes. Something about seeing my candy-ass dog brave the cold wind so he could take care of business inspired me to put on my running gear and just get it done before work.

I really loathe wind, especially in winter. I hate the uncontrollable drooling when I’m running head-on into it. (I hope I’m not the only one who has to put up with that.) 

I put on a pair of tights, a compression mock neck top, my cold weather running jacket, my SmartWool socks and Zeroes, a beanie and fleece gloves, and stepped outside.

And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad. The way the wind was blowing, it was at my back or coming at me from an angle when I was running the parts of the route surrounded by open fields. (The wind was blowing so hard, I could hear it howling across all those empty fields, which for some reason always makes me feel a little lonely.) When I was running into the wind, there was usually some trees to break it up. No uncontrollable drooling today!

And I really have to give credit to the Brooks Silver Bullet running jacket. I’ve mentioned it before, but today was definitely the coldest, windiest day I’ve worn it, and it held up amazingly well. All I had under it was a thin compression top, and I was never cold, even when running into the wind, but I didn’t get too warm either. It looks and feels like a spring running jacket, but it was absolutely made for 20 mph wind and a feels like temp in the single digits.

At $150, it’s pricey if you buy it in the winter (though it is on sale on the Brooks site right now), but if you wait until summer, you can really get a good deal. I got mine for $34 last June from runningwarehouse.com.

I busted out my 4.5-mile loop in 34:18, a 7:37/mile average pace, and felt pretty good when it was done. Shamrock (and spring!) are now less than two months away!


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