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January 21, 2013

Training for 1/21/13

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I had another awesome weekend!

Friday night, Clark and I went to Lewes for dinner, to satisfy a craving I’d developed the day before, while editing a story on a local barbecue team, haha. I had a half-rack of baby back ribs, baked beans and cornbread. Craving satisfied!

Saturday morning, I had on the schedule 9.5 miles at goal marathon pace, 7:50/mile. It was pretty windy outside, which made it seem colder at first than it really was. I was way overdressed, and sweating my face off by the end of the second mile. That was partly because the wind had been at my back for the beginning of the run — I ran a 7:15 first mile without trying, thanks to the push from the wind.

That evened out in the fifth mile though, when I had to run head-on into it. I didn’t back off my intended pace, but I still could only manage an 8:15.

The rest of the run wasn’t too bad, as far as the wind was concerned, and I finished the loop in 1:13:28, a 7:43/mile average pace. As soon as I got home, I stripped off all my soaking wet layers and hung them up to dry out.

Later that afternoon, Clark headed out to tackle the 13.2-mile loop. According to the training plan I made for him in November, he was supposed to do the 13-miler last weekend, but he was busy. I told him if he didn’t get it done this weekend, to forget about it. He’d run 10.5 miles twice, which is more than most novice half marathon training plans call for anyway, and it was getting too close to the race to be running that long. This is taper time.

He wouldn’t take water with him, and he wouldn’t take his phone so he could call me if he got in trouble (like dehydration!) All he said was “If I’m not back in three hours, come looking for me.”

I noted the time when he left. Pepper and I watched “Across the Universe,” one of my all-time favorite movies. I love all the Beatles music and the whole story so much.

Clark wasn’t back yet when the movie was over, but it’s not anywhere close to three hours long, so there was no need to worry yet.

I found something to watch on TV and waited. I could see the light disappearing outside, as it was starting to get close to sunset. I checked my watch — still not even close to three hours.

I didn’t have to worry at all, it turned out, because Clark finished all 13.2 miles of the loop and made it home safe and sound. Now he knows he’ll be able to finish the Surf City Half Marathon in two weeks.

That night, I went to Walmart to get stuff to make chili for the football game the next day. I got pulled over on the way home by a Seaford cop, for an expired tag. I explained to the cop why the registration was so way past due (it expired back in May — I can’t believe I haven’t gotten pulled over for it before.) The high mount brake light works sometimes, and doesn’t work other times. Whenever I take it to a mechanic, the stupid thing works, and the mechanic looks at me like I’m a moron. But I know if I took the time to drive to the DMV and try to get it past inspection to renew the registration, it wouldn’t be working then.

The cop was actually very helpful. He looked up the code and showed me that the car only has to have two working brake lights. The third one in the center doesn’t matter. He told me to take it to the DMV and if they give me any shit for it, to show them right in the code where it says my car is up to standard.

He did have to give me a ticket for an expired tag though, and since it was so expired I was technically driving an unregistered vehicle, I have to appear in court next month. But he said if I get the registration updated and bring that proof to court, they’ll just drop everything.

That’s the one thing I hate about Delaware. You have to get your car re-inspected every time you renew the registration. It’s not a very in-depth inspection, and they do it for free right there at the DMV, but it’s still a pain in the butt. In Maryland, you just have to get the car inspected once to register it the first time, and you never have to do it again.

And the tint laws annoy me too. For some stupid reason, Delaware allows you to tint your rear windows as dark as you want, but the front windows can’t have anything on them at all. It looks ridiculous on a car. Maryland and North Carolina, the only other two states in which I’ve ever registered a vehicle, both allow 35 percent tint on all windows, which is what is on mine. So I’m also going to have to get the tint stripped to get past inspection, and then pay to get it reapplied. I see so many cars with Delaware plates with tinted windows, and personally I’ve never heard a peep from a cop because my windows are tinted, yet that stupid law stands on the books.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, Clark and I got the chili going in the Crock Pot, and then I did my long run, which crept up to 19 miles this week.

Hal Higdon wrote this training plan with a medium-distance pace run the day before the long run for a reason, to make you run long on tired legs. Mine were even more tired than usual, because I’d had to work against the wind the day before. And it was windy again yesterday too. However, I had learned my lesson concerning overdressing, and I dressed more appropriately, in capri tights, one long-sleeved top, thin gloves and no beanie or earband.

I haven’t mapped out a 19-mile loop, so I planned to do the 14.5-mile and 4.5-mile loops. I took my water bottle with me, as well as a GU and a package of Jelly Belly Sport Beans, and I took one Imodium before I left.

I listened to the “Across the Universe” soundtrack on my iPod for the first 90 minutes of the run. I was slower than the 8:30/mile I’ve been aiming for on long runs in this training cycle, but not much, and I ran a lot of those first 90 minutes against the wind anyway. I ate the GU at about six miles.

By the time that soundtrack was over, I was more than halfway through the run and I felt pretty great. I was humming right along. I ate the sport beans around mile 12.

I finished the 14.5-mile loop in 2:07, an 8:45/mile average pace. When I got back to the house, I used the bathroom and put some more water in my bottle, and then got right back on the road for the last 4.5 miles.

I don’t know what happened on that last loop. I felt fine for the first few miles of it. But then, a mile and a half from home, I just felt… sapped. Like the tank was totally dry. I was suddenly ravenously hungry, I felt a little light-headed and my legs felt like jelly. I had to slow to a walk for a couple of minutes to get myself straight, then started running again.

Up ahead, I could see something moving in the road. As I got closer, it started to look like a whole crowd of people walking down the road toward me. I thought I was hallucinating. I’ve seen a couple people out walking sometimes, but this was a lot.

I finally got close enough to see it wasn’t a hallucination; it was a big family just strolling down the road. I took out my earbuds as I got closer, so I could respond if anyone said anything to me. The dad asked me where my dog was. I told him I was running too far for him today.

By that point, I only had a mile left, but I still had to take one more short walk break. I was just toast.

But I finished the entire 19 miles in about 2:47, about the same 8:45/mile average I’d held for the first loop alone.

I was really glad to have that one behind me. I hate that I lost it there at the end like that, but those runs happen.

I gulped some chocolate milk and scarfed down some food when I got home, and immediately felt better. I ate more during that run than I usually do. I think maybe I didn’t eat enough the day before though.

After I got home, Clark took his Camaro out for a spin. He had to call me from the gas station, where his car refused to restart. I had to drive my puny little Civic out there and give him a jump. He said it was the most embarrassing day of his life, haha.

Clark’s dad picked up Pepper around 3 p.m. (Clark’s mom wanted him back for the Ravens game yesterday, because, since he’d been at their house for the win against the Broncos last week, she figured he was good luck) and then Clark and I went over to Dave and Kasey’s to watch the games.

The 49ers won the first game, and thus the first spot in the Super Bowl. Then it was the Ravens’ turn. Once again, they were the underdogs. They also had the Sports Illustrated cover curse working against them. They pulled it off anyway! This week’s game wasn’t nearly as dramatic as last week’s, but it was still really exciting to see them beat the Patriots and move on to the Super Bowl. Since the 49ers and Ravens head coaches are brothers, Clark renamed it the Harbaugh Brawl.

This means I’ll be running a half marathon in California the morning of the Ravens’ first shot at winning the Super Bowl in 12 years. I have to wear something to support the team!

We stayed at Dave and Kasey’s pretty late again. Not as late as last week though — we got to bed before 1 a.m., since we both had to work today.

I got up this morning to do today’s 4.5-mile easy run. It was dead calm outside again, finally, but the temperature had plummeted. It was in the low 50s when I ran yesterday. This morning was in the mid-20s. I could have used another layer on top today!

When I got home, I ate some breakfast, and then did some push-ups, ab exercises and invisible chair-sitting. Again, I couldn’t send myself up into the frigid attic to handle large metal weight plates.


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