A Simple Running Log

January 15, 2013

Training for 1/15/13

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This morning, I was supposed to do a hill repeat workout, which meant going to the Sharptown Bridge to run up and down it six times. I also had an early meeting this morning, which meant running up and down that bridge before the sun came up. In the rain.

Maybe I wouldn’t typically be such a pansy about it, but yesterday I got a police report at work about a guy who got struck by a car over the weekend. It really was his fault — he rode a skateboard directly into the travel lane of an unlit road on a densely foggy night, in front of an oncoming car — and I felt much worse for the driver of the car, who never saw it coming. (Especially when I got to the part about the guy hitting the front windshield, rolling up and over the car, crashing through the rear windshield and landing in the back seat. I would have crapped my pants if I’d been driving that car!) But I couldn’t help but think I was as dumb as that guy if I considered running along the narrow ribbon of shoulder on that bridge on a dark, rainy morning.

So I stayed in bed.

Of course, it’s going to be dark again by the time I get home, and still raining, so waiting until after work wasn’t any better. I decided to bag the hill repeats and just run the trails at Tuckahoe State Park after my early meeting again.

I took a change of running clothes and my trail shoes with me, and as soon as the meeting was over, I headed for the park.

The parking lot was deserted when I got there. I quickly changed in the back seat of my car into tights, a mock neck top, gloves, a beanie and my trail shoes, hopped out of the car and started running.

Today, I studied the map at the trail head a little closer to figure out exactly how to stay on the 5.2-mile Tuckahoe Valley Trail and stay off the arboretum’s trail system. It looked like if I just stayed to the right at every intersection, I’d stay on the main trail.

It wasn’t much above freezing, and there was a steady rain falling as I set off. I planned to run 25 minutes out and then turn around. If I was maintaining an easy pace between 8:30 and 9:00/mile, I’d run somewhere between 5.5 and 5.9 miles in 50 minutes. And since it was supposed to be a hill repeat day anyway, I planned to charge all the uphills.

The trees blocked all the wind and much of the rain, so once I got going, it wasn’t such a bad day for a run. 

When I got to where the Tuckahoe Valley trail hooked up with the arboretum’s trails, I remembered to just keep turning right. Eventually, I’d skirted the arboretum’s network and was back on the Tuckahoe Valley trail. Success!

The trail was noticeably less maintained once it got out of the arboretum’s jurisdiction, though. There was a lot more loose-packed sand, and a lot of places where instead of just putting down a little bridge over a stream crossing or clearing out some fallen trees, the trail took a convoluted reroute to go around it.

Still, the trail was easy to follow, and before I knew it, the watch had hit 25 minutes and it was time to turn around. I found my way back, finishing off the 50 minutes.

Back in my car, I changed back into my work clothes, laid out all my wet running clothes on a towel on the back seat and went to work.


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