A Simple Running Log

January 10, 2013

Training for 1/10/13

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This morning, I had on the schedule my second speed workout of the week, a 40-minute tempo run.

We have really been getting some great weather here recently, as far as winter goes. Knock on wood, of course. It was still cold this morning, but not so much I had to layer up, and winds were calm.

In fact, it was such a nice winter morning I wore for the first time a pair of capris I got for Christmas. Last fall, I found on clearance (of course) a pair of Under Armour HeatGear “Squat” compression capris, in gray. I liked them so much I asked for a black pair for Christmas.

I freaking love these capris! I like the length — they hit right below the knee, and they don’t ride up. The waistband is flat and wide, and doesn’t bunch. But the best part is the compression. It’s just right. I felt so strongly about these capris, I just took the time to write for the website a review that pretty much says exactly the same as this paragraph.

So I had on my spiffy new capris, a light long-sleeved top, gloves and an earband and my Zeroes. I hit the road ready to bust out a great tempo run.

I ran the first mile easy to warm up, and then tapped the start button for 40 minutes at a comfortably hard pace.

This was the same tempo run I ran a week ago, when I covered about 5.45 miles in 40 minutes, an average pace of 7:18/mile. I hoped to at least match that today.

The first mile was a little slow, 7:25. The next mile took me to the ferry, which was closed. It looked like they were doing some dredging out in the river. I passed the second mile in 14:42, a 7:17 mile. That was more like it.

The next mile took me through the swamp. I hit three miles in 21:52, a 7:10 mile. Looked like I was doing a progression run now!

Past that third mile, I’m not sure of the approximate mile markers. The next one is somewhere along a tree-lined road that doesn’t have any landmarks, so it’s hard to tell when I map the route online where the fourth mile marker would be. I don’t know about the splits for the rest of the run, but when I got to the same point where I’d hit 40 minutes a week ago, I still had 48 seconds left to run today.

I wound up running 5.55 miles in 40 minutes today, an average pace of 7:12/mile. Had I been running a timed 5-mile race today, that would have beat my current PR by 40 seconds. Not too shabby!

I eased up on the pace and ran the rest of the way home, about 1.6 miles, for a cool down.

I used to run tempo runs too hard, I think. After the tempo portion of the run, I would have to walk a bit for a couple minutes, to catch my breath and slow down my heart rate, before resuming an easy run for the rest of the cool down. I haven’t had to do that once this training cycle. 

Maybe I’m a smarter runner now, or I’m getting stronger. 

Anyway, I did my cool down and finished my 8.2-mile loop in 1:02, an overall average pace of 7:34/mile. At home, I ate some breakfast and did some stretching.


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