A Simple Running Log

January 3, 2013

Training for 1/3/13

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Pepper is a jerk.

He has two jobs — to let us snuggle with him, and to run with me. That’s it. In exchange, we give him a nice place to live, plenty of food and toys to entertain him.

This morning, I had on the schedule a 40-minute tempo run. But I didn’t have to go into work until late, so I didn’t feel like getting up early enough to get it done before Clark left for work. I planned to take Pepper with me, and just let him run whatever pace he wanted, since it’s probably about what I should be running for a tempo run anyway.

All three of us left the house at the same time. I didn’t expect any trouble out of Pepper today, since he knew Clark was leaving too, and therefore his choices were to run with me or stay home all alone for an hour.

Much to my surprise, we didn’t even make it past the next neighbor’s yard before he started throwing a fit, leaping on me and circling around me, refusing to run. We stopped in the road, and I pointed out Clark’s car, backing down the driveway and then heading down the road. No one was home now, stupid!

It didn’t make any difference to Pepper though. I gave up and let him sprint back to the house. He was all smiles as I put away his leash and took off his harness and jacket. He had won!

Then I shut the utility room door, closing off the rest of the house to him, and the panic set in. He realized I was still running, and now he was going to be alone. He started barking and jumping on me again. I don’t know if he would have run with me had I put the jacket and harness back on him at that point, but I didn’t care. He could just stay home, and I’d do my tempo run on my own, thank you very much.

I didn’t feel a bit sorry for him as he peered out the window after me, howling, while I walked down the lane out to the road. Jerk.

It was bitterly cold this morning. Luckily, there was absolutely no wind.

I almost wished I’d put on another layer as I did my warm up mile, but I kept reminding myself I’d get warm and then I’d be glad I only had on the mock neck top, and nothing over it.

I hit the start button on my watch at the end of the warm up mile, and sped up. I passed the first marker in 7:17, and that’s pretty much exactly how fast I ran the rest of the 40 minutes. I covered 5.45 miles in that time, a 7:18/mile average pace.

I eased up on the pace and ran the rest of the way home, a little less than two miles, for a cool down. I finished the 8.2-mile loop in about 1:02:30, an overall average pace of 7:37/mile.

I got cold again during the cool down. When I got home, I wondered just how cold it had been. There was still frost on the ground by that time, and all the standing water in ditches along the road had a pretty solid layer of ice on top.

According to weather.com, it had hit 30 degrees when I got home, which meant it had probably been down well into the 20s earlier in the morning. Brrr! I know it gets colder other places, but this is getting close to bottoming out around here, thankfully.

I did some stretching to finish up.


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