A Simple Running Log

December 28, 2012

Training for 12/28/12

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This morning, I ran on the trail with Pepper, so I got to try out my new trail shoes, and Pepper got to try out his new harness.

We finally had another nice day for running here. Freezing cold, but not too windy and no rain. The trail was empty when we got there.

We did a quick lap around our regular 3-mile route. Pepper’s harness seemed to work out just fine, and I really enjoyed my new shoes. I love the zero drop, and they felt pretty flexible. The trail was dry, so I didn’t have any chance to test the grippiness of the treads, but I’m sure that will happen soon.

When we got back home, I did today’s push-ups workout and some stretching.

This weekend is just going to suck for running. Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day, but with light wind. Sunday is supposed to be clear again, but really windy.

I’m scheduled to do a 16-mile long run and an 8-mile pace run this weekend. I think I’ll do the pace run tomorrow in the rain, when there won’t be any wind to slow me down, and the long run Sunday, when pace won’t matter.

We don’t really have any other plans for the weekend. I have to work Monday, which is New Year’s Eve, so I’ll get to post my big year-end summary on the actual last day of the year.


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