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December 12, 2012

Training for 12/12/12

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This morning, in honor of 12/12/12, I participated in a virtual 12K, hosted by one of the Runner’s World bloggers.

Everyone was supposed to wear a race bib with the number 12, run a 12K (7.44 miles) and report their time. The 12th fastest person will get some kind of prize. There is also a bonus prize for the runner who incorporates the most uses of 12 in his or her run, e.g., running at a 12:00/mile pace, starting or ending the run at 12:12 a.m. or 12:12 p.m., etc.

For a brief moment I considered driving to Preston and running the 12K race course I’ve run the last couple of summers, since I wasn’t in a rush to get to work today. But that was too much driving for a fake race. So yesterday, I just mapped out my usual 7.2-mile loop to see exactly how far I’d have to extend it to complete a 12K at home.

Instead of making a new fake bib, I combed through all my old race bibs, looking for a 12. My bib number from the Chestertown Half Marathon in September 2010 was 13. If only one less person with a last name that started with ‘A’ had pre-registered for that race, it would have been perfect. I had another bib whose number was 1111. I wish we’d done this virtual race last November.

The closest thing I could find was my bib from this past May’s Masser 5-Miler, 1204. So I pinned it on.

After that was settled, it dawned on me I had the RunKeeper app on my iPhone. I could run with that and make absolutely sure I ran 12 km.

I started the app as soon as I stepped out the door and started running. No warm up walking today. That would just make me run farther past my usual finish line.

The phone announced I had covered exactly 1 km at the five minute mark, so I was on pace to finish the run in exactly an hour.

I accidentally ran a hair over a 12K. The app showed I was at 12.05 km when I stopped it. I have managed to completely screw up the app’s distance data since I finished the run, but I’m pretty sure the final time is right — 57:39 for 12.05 km (I couldn’t even get the distance right.)

I doubt I’ll be winning any prizes in this little virtual race, but it was still fun to do something to commemorate 12/12/12 besides posting about it on Facebook. Actually, I think the best part of this “race” was the look on Clark’s face when I tried to explain why I’d just done a solo training run with an old race bib pinned to my shirt. He’s starting to think Runner’s World is a cult.

Clark took this picture of me in my 12(04) bib with Pepper after my run. The camera angle makes my head look completely misshapen, but it’s the required photographic evidence, so here ya go:

virtual 12K

You have no idea how long it took to get Pepper to sit still for two seconds to take that.

After breakfast, I went upstairs and did some ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting, weight lifting and stretching. It feels good to be back at it after a few days of nothing.

Yesterday, the professional photographers at Rehoboth posted their race pics. The search-by-bib feature wasn’t working, so I had to browse through nearly 7,000 pictures to find all of mine. I didn’t actually look at 7,000 pictures; the pictures were grouped by the spot where the photographer was taking them, and I just scanned the thumbnails until I recognized runners who’d been near me, and then I found myself. There were a lot of photo op spots that had only been covered by the full marathon runners, so I could skip all of those.

Around mile 5.

Around mile 5.

Following Erin, just past mile 5.

Following Erin, just past mile 5.

Around mile 9. Notice I don't look nearly as happy as I did earlier.

Around mile 9. Notice I don’t look nearly as happy as I did earlier.

Running through the traffic circle just before the turn to the finish line. The shirtless dude behind me is the one who got me before the line.

Running through the traffic circle just before the turn to the finish line. The shirtless dude behind me is the one who got me before the line.

Finish line. Done!

Finish line. Done!

Were we lucky to have JB there or what? I know these are just low-res proofs and the (super expensive) prints would look a lot better, but JB put a lot of work into framing his shots. Of course, he only had six runners to shoot, not 1,850.


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