A Simple Running Log

December 3, 2012

Training for 12/3/12

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I had a productive weekend.

Saturday morning, I eventually wandered outside to do a 14.5-mile long run, my last one before Rehoboth.

It was quite a bit warmer by the time I went out than it had been when I woke up and picked out which running clothes to wear, and I knew I was overdressed as soon as I left the house. But I didn’t feel like going back in to change, so I took off down the road.

It got pretty miserable, haha. Five miles in, I was dying. I took off my earband and gloves and left them by a road sign on a back road, planning to drive back and pick them up later, so I didn’t have to carry them home.

There wasn’t much else to take off after that, other than pushing up the long sleeves on my shirt. I wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to just take a shortcut home, and put in 9 miles for the day.

On the new route home, I passed a house I wouldn’t have had I stuck to my original route, and I swear I saw a guy I went to high school with clearing leaves with a leaf blower in a front yard. I only had a couple of classes with him in school, and I haven’t seen him since we graduated, but I would put money on it. I didn’t stop to find out if it was him; I just waved as I ran by. The way he stopped and looked at me made me think he thought he recognized me too.

About a quarter-mile later, I saw another guy walking in the same direction as me, on the other side of the road. He said hi as I came up on him, and I wound up stopping to talk to him for a while, as well as the neighbor who came down to the road to get his mail. The walking guy showed me the pistol he carries with him when he’s out walking. He said he’s seen a lot of strange characters. I’ve been running the same roads for almost five years now, and the only strange character I’ve ever seen out there is him, haha.

I finally finished my truncated long run around noon. I did some yoga, and after lunch, I set up all the outdoor Christmas lights. Every year, the worst part of that job is remembering how to set the light timer. I must have thrown away the instructions the year I bought it, and it always takes forever to figure it out again. But the timer is a must, because the first year we lived in the house, we didn’t have one, and it was an argument every night over who had to go out at 11 p.m. and unplug everything.

With the decorations set up, I took Clark’s truck to get a live tree for the front window. First I stopped and picked up my earband and gloves from the side of the road. Then I got to ride across the Nanticoke River on the Woodland Ferry. The nursery where we buy our live tree every year is the only place we go that is more convenient by way of the ferry.

It took me about two minutes to pick out our tree. I was wearing a ratty old sweatshirt I bought probably 10 years ago from the Greene Turtle. I thought everyone around here knew what and where the Greene Turtle is, but the older gentleman helping me pick out a tree asked me what it was.

When I got home, I sawed off the end of the trunk and some of the lower branches and set up the tree in a bucket of water in the garage, intending to bring it in the house the next day.

That night, Clark and I went over to Ben and Hope’s house to hang out. Hope fell asleep when she went to put their baby to bed, so we didn’t get to see too much of her, haha. Laura and Chuck also stopped by. It was nice to see all of them again.

Sunday morning, I went out and did my run first thing. It was foggy and much cooler, and I actually managed to dress appropriately. I was only supposed to do three miles, but since I’d cut off Saturday’s run 5.5 miles early, I tacked those on to Sunday’s run and did my 8.5-mile loop.

It was an uneventful run, other than the enormous flocks of blackbirds that seemed to be following me everywhere I ran. The sound was almost deafening when they were overhead or moving as one giant mass from one field to the next. I don’t know how I didn’t get shit on by one of them.

I spent the rest of the day doing yard work while Clark continued to work on wiring the garage. When I’d set up the outdoor decorations Saturday, I’d noticed just how terrible the flower beds looked, since we’d never pulled up all the dead stuff. So I spent an hour yanking two wheelbarrows’ worth of dead flowers and plants out of the ground.

After lunch, I cut the grass and trimmed the weeds for the last time before spring. I’d really like to know why there are so many tractor tire tread marks in our front ditch. I have a feeling they’re thanks to whoever owns the farm right across the road, but damn, you’d have to drive pretty far off the road to get tires in our front ditch.

It was getting late by the time I’d finished up all the yard stuff. I went in town to the pet store, which was having a big sale, to get some Christmas gifts for Pepper. I was wearing that old Greene Turtle sweatshirt again, and once again, an old guy asked me what it was. Actually, he asked me where the Green Lantern was, haha.

I also got a cheap little Christmas chew toy Pepper could have when I got home. If there’s anything cuter than a weimaraner in a Christmas tree collar chewing on a little green plush bone covered in snowflakes, I haven’t seen it. He just looks so seasonal.

The live tree didn’t make it in the house this weekend. I have to work late tonight, but maybe we’ll get it in there tomorrow.

We watched the Ravens lose to the Steelers (boo!) and then ate a pint of oysters, some raw and some baked in the oven with cocktail sauce and cheddar cheese. I have to psyche myself up every time to eat that first raw oyster, especially right out of the pint, where they’re swimming in their own snot-looking juices, but they sure are good with a little cocktail sauce and some lemon juice.

This morning, I started my last week of training before Rehoboth with strength training upstairs — abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights — and then three easy miles on the road with Pepper. It was warm enough he didn’t need his jacket today, so he was happy.


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