A Simple Running Log

November 28, 2012

Training for 11/28/12

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This morning, I had a short easy run and strength training on the schedule.

Clark skipped running last night because it was too cold (bad news — it’s only November, this ain’t getting better until it gets worse) and ran when he got up this morning, so I hung out at home with Pepper until Clark got back.

Pepper was very concerned about Clark the whole time he was gone:

Sitting where he could see the back door the moment Clark opened it.

When Clark got back safe and sound, I went out and ran three miles. I did not have a one-weimaraner welcome wagon waiting anxiously for me in the hallway when I got back, haha. I don’t know if I should be offended Pepper doesn’t seem to mind when I’m gone, or take it as a compliment that he thinks I can take care of myself.

I ate some breakfast, and then Pepper and I went upstairs, where I did my ab exercises, push-ups, weight training and stretching.

This morning, I went to a local nursing home for a resident’s 103rd birthday party. (I know my job is glamorous, don’t be jealous.) It turned out this was the same guy I’d interviewed for the paper a few years ago, when he was 99, and still played golf every week at a course that has since closed. He kept playing regularly until last year.

If I make it to 103, I hope I’m in as good of shape as that guy. He looked a lot better than many of his fellow residents who were probably 20 years younger, and unlike one of them, he wasn’t screaming “Jingle Bells” at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason as he walked into the dining room for lunch.

I was sitting near this iPod playing a bunch of big band songs from the ’40s. I was thinking how sweet and innocent all the lyrics were — about reading someone’s letters a dozen times or more, missing their “tender kiss,” etc. — when this upbeat little ditty came on, with a guy singing “She’s too fat for me, I don’t want her, you can take her!” I almost busted out laughing right there. It didn’t fit in at all! Not to mention it was pretty mean.

Tonight, Clark’s mom is taking us to Salisbury to point out things we want for Christmas. The only thing I’m positive I want is a new iPod nano. I have to admit it, my long runs have been boooooooring since my old one kicked it. I know a lot of “real runners” never use them and think music is for newbs, but I miss it when I’m out there plodding along for miles by myself. I don’t go into a zen-like state or have deep, meaningful thought conversations with myself. It’s either empty white noise or a cheesy pop song stuck in my head.

I think I might need a new pair of Zeroes soon too. Maybe I’ll ask for another pair of them for Christmas.


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