A Simple Running Log

November 21, 2012

Training for 11/21/12

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This morning, I had a 3-miler and strength training on the schedule. But I figured out yesterday I’m going to have to add about seven more miles to my training plan between now and Sunday to meet this calorie-burning challenge for the week, so I stretched out the 3-miler to a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

Clark suggested I run it backwards, so I did. It was really bizarre, how something as simple as that could make the whole run feel so weird! Except for a couple of times I’ve run with Clark, I’ve never started a run by turning left instead of right out of my lane.

I was so thrown off I couldn’t keep my easy pace as slow as I wanted, and I wound up finishing the run in about 36 minutes, an 8:00/mile pace. The calorie calculator figured out I’d burned about 401 calories there.

After breakfast, Pepper and I went upstairs, and I did my ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting, weights and stretching, another 120 calories. That brings the day’s total to 521, and my three-day total so far to 1,617.

I’m planning on running a little farther than called for tomorrow morning. Since we have two dinners to eat, it’ll be a good day to run the 11.2-mile loop anyway. Friday morning, I’ll run farther at the trail than originally planned. Then I’m going to Easton for the Run for Hospice race, not to run it but to cheer on Kara in her first 10K, and my friend Allison in the 5K. I got a cowbell at last year’s Shamrock Marathon expo and I’ve never gotten to use it, so it’s coming with me.

Yesterday, I saw something I doubt will ever happen again. On the Runner’s World website’s homepage, they have a “carousel” (since the paper developed its own website, I know the technical term) of three top stories on the right side:

For the first and, I’m sure, last time, all three of those top stories are related to me!

The “Holiday Survival Guide” is a story that ran in the December issue of Runner’s World, and they asked readers for tips on how to stay motivated and keep moving through the winter. Guess who they quoted not once, not twice, but three times?

The third quote of mine in the print edition was a pullout quote about how forcing myself outside every day during the winter has helped me gain a new appreciation for it (which is true, but I still hate cold weather) and how much fun it is to wear tights, haha. It was separated from the article, and didn’t make the layout online.

Next, the pumpkin soup story is a recipe for a creamy pumpkin soup developed and served at the Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach:

I have eaten this soup! And it’s really good! The goat cheese crumbles really make it. This soup was so good, the guy sitting next to me at the bar, who had his own bowl, asked the bartender if he could get his growler filled with it.

Finally, the Runner’s Body feature also appeared in the print edition, as a professional photo gallery of real everyday runners, and they added online videos of the runners being interviewed.

That guy featured on the homepage? He’s from Houston, and went to our little Loopfest gathering at TCM. He’s hilarious, and a really strong runner. And he bought us all a round of shots he called Second Winds at the after party!

We know him as Runnin’ Brotha, haha.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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