A Simple Running Log

November 20, 2012

Training for 11/20/12

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This morning, I went to the track for the first time in weeks for an interval workout, 4×1600 meters at half marathon pace, with a lap of recovery between each. With warm up and cool down, I was planning on eight miles.

It was a chilly, cloudy morning, but thankfully the wind from the past several days had all but died. I got there when it was still pretty dark out. The track was completely empty, just the way I like it.

I did a mile to warm up, deposited my sweatshirt on the bleachers and took off for my first repeat, aiming for 7:15, which meant each lap had to be around 1:48 or 1:49.

The first couple of laps were slow, and I wound up running the first four-lap repeat in 7:17. A little slow, but I’ve learned to expect that.

I jogged a recovery lap and then ran the second repeat in 7:14. After another recovery lap, I ran the third repeat in 7:11. The speeding up trend didn’t continue on the final repeat, but I didn’t slow down either, as I ran one last 7:11.

I did a final recovery lap, swigged some water and ran two more miles to cool down.

I don’t think there are any cookies in my future in this Thanksgiving week calorie burn challenge. For all the effort I put out this morning — eight miles, half at goal half marathon pace — I only got credit for 711 calories burnt, since I only weigh about 120 lbs. That brings my total to 1,096, two days into the seven-day challenge.

There are 42 people signed up for this challenge. Many of them burnt way more just yesterday than I did the first two days combined! To be fair though, it’s not just because they all weigh 400 lbs. or something. There were a ton of miles run yesterday, and a lot of hours spent on stair climbers, ellipticals and bikes.

I’ve given up on the win, and therefore the cookies, but I really want to at least meet the challenge and burn another 3,904 calories between now and Sunday. I better look into tacking on some more miles somewhere, because my training plan as it stands isn’t going to cut it!

I’m sure I’ll be 10 lbs. heavier after two Thanksgiving dinners Thursday though, so maybe I’ll be OK after all.


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