A Simple Running Log

November 16, 2012

Training for 11/16/12

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I don’t have much to report for today. I had a short trail run planned, but decided to skip it in light of the tight calf muscle I experienced yesterday. It feels a lot better today, but not 100 percent, so I thought a rest day would help it more than a few miles.

Clark told me I was acting like a douche for wearing an Ace bandage on my leg yesterday. I told him it would only be douchey if I’d walked with an exaggerated limp just so people would ask what was wrong with me and I could complain about how I’d injured myself being so much cooler than they are. Besides, I was wearing pants, so you couldn’t even see it.

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s 5K! It’s the Ravens vs. Steelers 5K in Ocean City. The course is pancake-flat, an out-and-back on the boardwalk. Usually I’d find that boring, but right now I’m in the mood for flat and fast.

This is the race where we had to register as part of the Ravens or the Steelers. Instead of individual awards, they’re taking the top 100 times for each team, adding them up and giving a trophy to the team with the fastest cumulative time. There are two pubs right next to each other on 28th Street, one designated for the Ravens and one for the Steelers, and the team that wins gets to keep the trophy in its pub for the next year.

I’m running for the Ravens. I have my outfit all picked out — black capri tights that have a purple cutout on each side (I bought them because they were on clearance a couple of years ago, but they’re definitely perfect for this), a purple long-sleeved compression top and my only Ravens T-shirt. If only my shoes were purple. At least they’re not yellow.

After the race, I’m hanging out in Ocean City a little while with TK and her boyfriend.

Sunday is a pretty big day. The Ravens play the Steelers in Pittsburgh, and it’s the last race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. I also have a 12-mile long run planned.


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