A Simple Running Log

November 15, 2012

Training for 11/15/12

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This morning was supposed to be my first speed workout in preparation for the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon on Dec. 8, a 30-minute tempo run. I was going to run my 7.2-mile loop.

As I started running, I felt the best I have all week, as far as leftover soreness from the 50K last weekend is concerned. My calves in particular were really tight for the first few days after the race, from all the hills.

As I ran my warm-up mile, my right leg felt fine, but my left calf got tighter and tighter. When I got to the end of the mile, I hit the ‘start’ button on my watch to measure 30 minutes at a tempo pace, but I only got 30 seconds into it before I decided it wasn’t a good idea.

I stopped the watch and stopped running to stretch out my left leg. It felt like just a really tight muscle. I kept running at an easy pace, to see if it would loosen up.

It didn’t really loosen up, but it didn’t hurt too bad either, so I decided I’d at least do my 4.5-mile loop easy, since I was already out there.

When I got to the 2-mile point, I decided to lay down one fast mile, just for kicks. I have a 5K on Saturday morning, and I’d like to know what to expect. Since I haven’t done any speedwork in almost two months, except for that 5K I ran a couple of weeks ago in the middle of a 22-mile training run, I wasn’t expecting much.

Running fast again didn’t hurt as bad as I’d expected. I tried to maintain a reasonable pace, something I could hold 2.1 miles farther in a couple of days. I reached the 3-mile point, hit the ‘stop’ button and looked down, hoping to at least see a sub-7.


My first thought was “I hope I measured that right!” Even if my assumed mile markers were a little off, it was still a respectable mile, and a pace I’ll be happy with.

I ran the final 1.5 miles home at an easy pace. My calf was pretty tight when I got back. After breakfast, I did a lot of stretching, foam rolling and stick massaging. I even broke out the frozen water bottle to ice it, and then finally the heating pad to heat it.

After my shower, I wrapped it in my Ace bandage to keep some compression on it all day. I’m hoping this goes away quickly. I probably should have taken more time off running after the 50K, but it’s just so hard.


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