A Simple Running Log

November 14, 2012

Training for 11/14/12

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Question — if you received this Christmas card in the mail from me, how tempted would you be to send me back a punch in the teeth?

Merry Christmas, from the most awesome person you know!

Thanks for the email offer today, MarathonFoto, but I will not be purchasing 12 of these for the special price of only $19.95. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting photo Christmas cards, when the picture is actually Christmasy, or just a nice family shot. Kids in Christmas sweaters or pets wearing reindeer antlers are cute. But this is just ridiculously self-indulgent. How would I top this next year? Maybe a great shot of my other favorite hobby, drinking beer? Merry Christmas!

Anyway, this morning, I went out first thing for an easy 3-miler. It was cold enough for frost on the ground, which meant I finally got to try out the Brooks Silver Bullet cold weather running jacket I’d bought back in May.

I’m happy to say it was $34 well spent. (Original price was $150 by the way — I love off-season clearances!) It’s so light and thin I had my doubts it would be enough over a base layer shirt, but it turned out to be perfect. We had some wind here too, and it did a good job of keeping that out.

I ate some breakfast after my run, and then went upstairs to do some weight training. No wasps on the weight plates today, but it was bitterly cold. It was clear Pepper wanted to get out of there as much as I did, so I got through my ab exercises and weights as quickly as possible, and then went downstairs, where it was 66 degrees, to finish up with stretching and barefoot exercises.


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