A Simple Running Log

November 13, 2012

Training for 11/13/12

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Last night, I did my strength training I should have done in the morning. While I was doing my ab exercises, I tried to pick up a couple of 5-lb. weight plates, and instead grabbed a wasp. (There’s only one light in the attic, and it’s nowhere near the weight rack, so I never actually saw the wasp, I just felt it.) The little jerk stung my left index finger.

It swelled up like a sausage, but I did all my weight training anyway. Clark had me replace one of my leg exercises with another torturous exercise he recently discovered in his Abs Diet workout book. You’re supposed to do 20 squats, 20 forward traveling lunges, 20 backwards traveling lunges and 10 jumping squats in 75 seconds — about one rep per second. It was tough!

This morning, I had an easy 6-miler on the schedule. My calves are still tight from Saturday’s race, but the run went pretty well. It sucked running head-on into a strong wind for the final mile and a half or so.

And I have pictures from Saturday’s race to share! There were 1,225 photos from the race uploaded to Snapfish, and since there were only 130 runners, we all had quite a few shots, so I’m not posting every single one here.

It’s out of focus, but this is the only one of me from the first lap, when I had on my earband and gloves.

Coming out of the woods to the halfway aid station on my second lap, after I’d taken off the earband and gloves.

Charging up the final hill to the finish line after the third lap in my tank top.

First 50K, done!

I really liked having the drop bag option. I’ve never gotten to do costume changes mid-race before, but it was really nice as the weather changed through the course of the morning and early afternoon.


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