A Simple Running Log

November 9, 2012

Training for 11/9/12

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This is it! My last post before my first ultra.

No miles on the schedule today, so I just did some stretching this morning. I’m pretty excited about tomorrow. I’m nervous about running 31 consecutive miles for the first time, but I think once I get going the nerves will disappear. I keep reminding myself how much fun all the trail races I’ve ran have been, because it’s not like running a road race. There are no mile markers, no race clocks on the course. It’s not about time, it’s about the experience.

I was extremely nervous about the Bulldog 25K last summer, my first real trail race, but it turned out to be one of my favorite races I’ve ever run. I’d like to go back there and do the 50K one day.

Tomorrow night, Clark and I are taking Kara and Huey to dinner for Huey’s 40th birthday last month. We’re going to a fancy-shmancy steakhouse in Trappe, the kind of place where the sides are all a la carte and all cost like $8 a piece. I should probably eat before we go, haha. I’m sure I’ll have a huge appetite by that time otherwise, and I don’t want to drain my bank account on one meal.

Sunday, I’ve got a rest day planned. The next-to-last race of the NASCAR season is that afternoon. Fingers crossed Jimmie stupid Johnson blows an engine or something. I’m also going to my friend’s kid’s 4th birthday party.

Monday, a few weeks of training for the Rehoboth Half Marathon begins, as well as Clark’s 12-week training plan for the Surf City Half Marathon.


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