A Simple Running Log

October 24, 2012

Training for 10/24/12

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This morning, I had this week’s 10-miler on the schedule.

I got up early, but took my time getting dressed, eating breakfast and finally getting on the road, partly because I really wasn’t in any hurry to get to work after working long hours the last two days, and partly because I wanted to let the sun come up before I left.

It was a bright, sunny morning by the time I got to the ferry, three miles from home. I wanted to find the Cannons’ grave markers in the Methodist church cemetery. They were easy to pick out; it’s a tiny cemetery anyway, and the family’s graves were offset in their own little area, surrounded by a low boundary.

The first one I saw was Luraney’s. It turns out she and her son built the church in 1843. Then I picked out Isaac’s and Jacob’s, and their mother Elizabeth’s. All Jacob’s said was that he’d departed this world April 10, 1843. I couldn’t help but think how close I was standing to the spot where he’d been shot.

Already just a touch creeped out, I headed on down the road. It was really another perfect fall morning for a run here, and before I knew it, I was on that little bridge over the creek.

I stopped on the bridge and walked to the barrier on the side near the house where the woman who’d drowned had lived. It was very quiet.

On the other side of the bridge, I stopped and looked closer at the house. Kids had spray-painted graffiti on the garage door, which really isn’t surprising, considering the amount of stupid graffiti I run over on the roads back there. Other than some old curtains in a front window and a newspaper box by the road, there were no signs anyone had lived there.

I glanced across the road where I’d met the woman who’d told me that story. There’s a really dilapidated house right next to the road; I don’t think anyone’s lived there for years. I was under the impression the woman I’d spoken to lived in another house farther off the road, as there were two mailboxes where she’d been standing.

Then I noticed something weird. Her oversized mailbox was stuffed full of empty plastic bottles. I don’t think anyone’s been delivering mail there for a long time. I tried to spot the house as I ran a little farther down the road, but all I could see were a bunch of trees, a shed and a No Trespassing sign. Whatever happened to that woman?

Less than a mile later, I was in Galestown and only a few miles of relatively busy road from home. I finished off the last bit of the 10.5-mile loop and did some stretching at home.


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