A Simple Running Log

October 19, 2012

Training for 10/19/12

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Today was an off day for running, so I just did some weight training and stretching, and then came to work, where I was handed one of the most depressing assignments I’ve gotten in a while.

One of our county’s former commissioners, who was currently running for a seat on the Board of Education, passed away suddenly a couple of days ago. While on vacation in Bermuda. The news just got back here this morning.

I am the one who had to call his former colleagues on the county commission, and even his son, to ask for their thoughts for a story for Sunday’s paper. I guess his son has had more time to process it, because he was pretty composed, except for when he started talking about his own kids missing their grandfather, but the two 60-plus-year-old men who used to serve on the commission with him were both a wreck as soon as they tried to say anything.

Hearing or seeing other people cry makes me want to cry. I held myself together, but it was a still a pretty shitty morning altogether.

Then Clark sent me a message that he wants to sign up for the Surf City Half Marathon this afternoon after I get off work, so that made my day considerably better!

This weekend, I’m going for 16 miles tomorrow morning and another 6.5 at least Sunday morning. I think it’ll go well enough. That fast trail run with Pepper last Sunday left my legs and feet more worn out than I’d expected, which I think is why this week’s 10- and 8-milers were so tough. I’m feeling much less fatigued today.

Non-running plans for the weekend include a birthday party for my nephew and brother-in-law tomorrow evening at my sister’s house, and the wine festival in Salisbury on Sunday. Should be good weather all weekend for everything!


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