A Simple Running Log

June 27, 2011

Training for 6/27/11

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Today, I am thankful for shop vacs. Ours came in very handy this morning when the idiot dog drank so much water so fast he puked up the entire contents of his stomach, including partially-digested dog food chunks, onto the bedroom carpet. It also worked well when the idiot dog, after puking up all that water, went and drank MORE water extremely fast and puked AGAIN on the hallway carpet. This all happened in the span of about a minute, by the way.

I was extremely pissed at Pepper, first for making no effort to get my attention to let him out when he knew he was going to puke the first time, and then for again doing the thing that had made him puke in the first place!

I just happened to be in the bathroom when he puked all over the carpet just outside the bathroom door, or I might not have even known he did it for quite a while. I saw the first pile in the bedroom when I glanced in there as I was running for the shop vac in the garage.

The shop vac took care of most of the work since it was so fresh. I scrubbed both spots with some carpet cleaner, and both spots looked OK.

Just last night, I watched “Marley and Me” for the first time, and bawled at the end when Marley has to be put down (sorry for the spoiler if you’ve never seen it.) Marley was a giant pain in his owners’ ass, but they were still pretty sad when he went. I hugged my pain in the ass dog and felt lucky he’s young and I probably won’t have to make that decision any time soon.

Then he went and did that this morning and all I wanted to do was wring his neck. Funny how that works.

Anyway, all that happened after I got done with this morning’s workout — abs, invisible chair, weights, three easy miles with Pepper, barefoot exercises and stretching.

Saturday, I ran the Jungle Jim’s 5K Splash in Rehoboth, and it turns out that sub-22 I ran in my last 5K more than three months ago was not a fluke. I beat that time by 17 seconds, finishing in 21:40. I think I can safely call myself a 21-minute 5K runner now.

TK and her sister Kari picked me up at 6 a.m. We got to the water park around 7, got our bibs and T-shirts and hit the bathroom. I did a mile to warm up.

The start was really crowded. There’s usually a line of wooden posts in the parking lot where they started us, to keep cars out of the side where we started, but they removed them for the race start. However, the race directors were worried someone would step in a hole and turn an ankle, so they put these pieces of plywood over them. That was the first thing we had to avoid. Then, there was a storm grate in the middle of the course not far beyond the start line, so the directors put a ladder on top of the grate so we would all run around it instead of over it and possibly trip.

And then, inexplicably, standing on the ladder was a member of the U.S. women’s Olympic field hockey team, to blow the whistle to start the race! I guess she’s from around Rehoboth and was home that weekend. I was sure someone was going to run into that ladder, knock her off and break her leg.

We got the commands and took off. I made it over the boards and around the ladder. I didn’t hear any crashes or screams behind me, so I think the field hockey player made it out OK.

The runners’ next challenge was to get sorted out by pace and spread out a little. It was so crowded for the first bit of that race.

By the time we made it to the first turn outside the water park, we were spread out enough to race. Last year, the race course was a simple out and back. This year, the course was kind of like a lollipop. We ran out, ran a loop that hooked back up to the first part of the course and ran the same way back to the finish line, which this year was moved inside the water park, right next to the entrance to the lazy river.

I felt pretty good by the time I hit the first mile marker in 6:47. Not long after that, we made the turn that started the loop part of the lollipop. There were several turns within that loop, and it seemed like the little group I was running in kept running up on a slower runner every time we hit a corner. I know I got hung up on some of those corners. I’m pretty sure I also slowed down a bit from the first mile, which is why I hit the second mile in 13:55, a 7:08 second mile.

About halfway through the final mile, I could see a woman ahead of me who used to beat me by a good two minutes at 5Ks. She hasn’t gotten any slower, I’ve just gotten faster. I thought I might have a shot at actually beating her.

Coming around the next to last corner, I did it — I passed her! I couldn’t believe it! Then I set my sights on the guy in front of me.

Coming around the last corner, we hit the only kinda downhill part of the course, and  I blew by that guy. I hit the third mile marker, just outside the water park parking lot, in 20:58, a 7:03 third mile. I knew I hit three miles in over 21 minutes in the 5K I ran in March, so I knew at that moment I was going to PR.

I ran as hard as I could for the finish line and crossed in 21:40 — my first sub-7:00/mile average pace in a race! Though just barely; my average pace was 6:59/mile.

TK and Kari finished, and we all changed into our swimsuits and got in the lazy river.

When they posted the results, I found out my time was first among 18 women in the 25-29 age group, fourth among 137 total women and 37th among 296 total finishers.

Here I am getting my age group trophy:

Fun fact: The three winners in the F25-29 age group were the same this year as last year, except I was first instead of third.

We rode both water slides that were open, and then headed for Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, where we stayed on the beach until about 4 p.m.

Sunday morning, I ran this week’s 8-mile long run at an average pace of 8:43/mile. It wasn’t as tough as last week’s long run. Maybe I’ll be able to pull this off this summer after all.

I did some yoga after my run, and then Pepper and I went to Clark’s parents’ beach house, where Clark and his family had been painting. They were done working by the time I got there, so we just hung out on the beach some more, and I paddled a little in Clark’s parents’ kayak, in the canal that runs past their house and connects to the bay.

We tried to get Pepper first in the canal and then in the kayak, but he is clearly not a fan of water, haha.

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