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May 16, 2011

Training for 5/16/11

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This morning, I did a push-ups workout, some ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting before running three very easy miles, without Pepper. It was very foggy and I figured it would be easier to keep him from getting run over by just leaving him in the house. Clark was still home, so Pepper wasn’t too upset.

My left foot is totally, 100 percent fine, and has been that way for quite some time now. I got in all my running at home and walking at the race track this weekend without so much as a twinge. I don’t know what I did to the foot to piss it off that much Thursday night and Friday, but I’m glad it got over it so quickly.

Saturday, when I woke up, there was still a very slight twinge and some stiffness in the foot, probably due to walking on it funny all day Friday. After my mom dropped off Clark’s and my race tickets for the next day, I set out for a two-hour run.

I was planning on doing my 14.5-mile loop, which I expected to take longer than two hours. I’d rather run a little longer than planned than shorter.

I’m supposed to run these long runs at 8:40/mile at the fastest, but the fact I’d missed Friday’s pace run was apparently bothering me. I didn’t run the 14.5 miles at goal pace, but I ran them a lot faster than I meant to.

I knew through the whole run I was pushing hard for a long run, but it felt good and I didn’t want to back off. It didn’t even take me the whole two hours to finish. I ran 14.5 miles in 1:59:27, an 8:14/mile average pace — faster than my half marathon PR pace!

If that’s only as fast as I run the Dover half marathon in less than three weeks, I will still PR by more than a minute, with a 1:47:48.

For some reason, my long runs the past few weeks have been phenomenal, and the one this past weekend was the best so far. I’m really going to make myself run the last two scheduled two-hour runs slower than I did Saturday, as there is a reason they’re supposed to be slow, but Saturday really helped erase any hit my confidence took from the sore foot/missed pace run situation. I am even more excited about the Dover half now.

After the run, I did my barefoot exercises and some stretching and foam rolling before heading up to Dover for the Nationwide race. I didn’t know if they would get to run it, as it had been raining on and off all morning and was supposed to continue that way through the afternoon. The race started more than an hour late and there was a half-hour rain delay about three-quarters of the way through it, but they got in the whole thing. There was a really spectacular wreck on the last lap, so that was just the icing on the cake.

I wrote my two stories for Sunday’s paper and was actually able to get Clark’s computer to connect to the media center’s WiFi, so I e-mailed them from Dover and got to go straight home, which was nice.

At home, it felt weird not packing up Clark’s truck with all of our tailgating stuff. Instead, we just grilled a bunch of seafood for dinner and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up early and took Pepper to the trail for three miles. Again, there was rain in the forecast all day Sunday, so we didn’t know if they would get the race in. We dropped off Pepper at Clark’s parents’ house, and then drove to one of Clark’s coworker’s houses in Choptank. The guy had gotten a little bus to take about a dozen of us to Dover and back, which was cool, because that way we wouldn’t have to pay $20 for parking and worry about who was going to stay sober enough to drive home afterwards.

The race started on time at 1 p.m. Except for a very brief (seriously, it lasted all of a minute) rain shower and resulting short caution period, it turned out to actually be a very nice day. The stands were empty though. I don’t know if the weather kept people away or what. It was good for us, as we weren’t elbow-to-elbow with a bunch of sweaty strangers.

Matt Kenseth won thanks to pit strategy, and Bobby was 18th. We rode the bus back to Choptank, drove to my aunt’s house for dinner, picked up Pepper and were home around 10:30 p.m.

May 13, 2011

Training for 5/13/11

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Yesterday, I posted a story about Pepper flattening me but not hurting me.

I felt fine all day yesterday until I was driving home from work. For some reason, I started to feel a twinge in my left foot every time I used the clutch.

When I got out of the car at home, it was hard to walk on that foot. Within an hour, I couldn’t stand to put any weight on it at all. Even while lying on the couch, just moving it on the pillow on which I was trying to prop it up became excruciatingly painful.

I iced it, heated it, elevated it, rested it, wore compression socks and even hobbled out to my car to get the bottle of Aleve that’s been riding around in there since I had that tendinitis in the same foot almost two years ago.

Pepper kept stepping on the hurt foot like his foot was magnetically attracted to it. I was already pissed at him for running into me in the first place. Then, after I’d made the arduous trek out to my car and back, I got a glass of water and hobbled over to the couch to take the Aleve. As soon as I sat down, Pepper knocked the whole glass of water off the table and onto the carpet.

I had to put him outside for 20 minutes to keep from throttling him.

The foot started to feel a little better by the time I went to bed. This morning, I could walk on it again, but there is a definite tightness along the outside bottom of the foot when I push off it. Not wanting to go back to where I was last night, I skipped my planned 5-mile pace run this morning and rode the bike instead, which did not bother the foot. I also did today’s push-ups workout and sat in the invisible chair.

I brought a tennis ball to work to roll my foot over all day. After a couple hours of that, my foot is feeling pretty OK.

I’m hoping today will be enough rest to take care of whatever freak twinge I got in that foot. Tomorrow is supposed to be the first of three 2-hour long runs leading up to the Dover half marathon three weeks from Sunday. I don’t have time this close to the race to take a whole freaking week off to wait for this foot to act right again.

Plus, I have a lot of walking ahead of me this weekend, as I’m covering the Nationwide race for the paper tomorrow and going to the Cup race Sunday.

May 12, 2011

Training for 5/12/11

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This morning, I did my weekly tempo run. It’s kind of a cutback week on this run, just 30 minutes. The next two weeks are the longest tempo runs I’ll have ever done — 55 minutes and 60 minutes each. Yikes!

Anyway, it was a great morning for running. Sunny, no wind, cool but not chilly.

I did a mile to warm up and then ran a little more than four miles during the 30-minute tempo run. I did a five-minute recovery jog and then ran six 30-second sprint intervals with a minute of recovery in between each. I had about a half-mile to run home for a cool down. In total, I ran 7.2 miles in 57:09, average pace of 7:56/mile. It was a good run.

As soon as I got home, I let Pepper out. He likes it when Clark or I throw a stick for him, and then chase him down to wrestle it away from him so we can throw it again.

My problem is that I’m terrible at throwing things, sticks included. I aim for it to go in one direction and it always winds up going in another one entirely, and not very far, haha.

So, I had this 3-foot-long stick to throw. Pepper was hopping around like a nut waiting for me to throw it for him. I pulled back my arm, and launched it toward the woods. Pepper took off like a bullet in that direction.

Unfortunately, the stick had actually wound up on the other side of the yard, so of course, Pepper couldn’t find it. I ran over to get the stick and try again.

Pepper noticed me running first and then saw the stick. He took off for it. I started sprinting when I saw him realize what was going on. I really wanted to get that stick first!

Ever try to outsprint a weimaraner? Doesn’t happen. We got to the stick at almost the same moment.

But Pepper didn’t lunge for the stick like I expected. Instead, he passed it and plowed into my knees from the side at top speed!

I went FLYING. My feet got all tangled in the air because I’d been running when he hit me. I slammed to the ground hard!

Of course, everything hurt at first. My knees and hands felt scraped up from catching myself, and the left foot that landed on the bottom felt like it’d been crushed by my right leg.

I slowly hauled myself off the ground. After wiping off all the wet grass clippings and finding nothing bleeding, I realized the only thing hurt was my pride, haha.

I really hope no one saw that! I’m glad we don’t have many neighbors.

Meanwhile, Pepper had claimed the stick and was running in circles, waiting for me to chase him, totally unconcerned about my wellbeing after he had just tackled me.

What a jerk.

May 11, 2011

Training for 5/11/11

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This morning I did some push-ups, ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting before taking Pepper out for three easy miles.

We ran down the lane and a little ways down the road fine, but as soon as we got past the last neighbor’s house, he suddenly decided he wanted to go home, NOW. He kept circling back past me and running toward the house until he would get to the end of his leash. It would, of course, catch, and he would look back at me like, “Why are you going the wrong way?”

I got fed up with him and turned around. He sprinted back to the house like he was missing his favorite TV show. I let him in the utility room, unclipped his leash and went to leave to do the run on my own.

Of course, as soon as he realized I was going to leave without him, his eyes went wide and he stared at me as though he couldn’t believe I was abandoning him.

I don’t know what his problem was. Anyway, I ran the miles and when I got back home, I did some barefoot exercises and stretching to finish up.

May 10, 2011

Training for 5/10/11

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Today was my weekly track workout. I was to do five 800-meter repeats at 10K pace.

I was aiming for splits of 3:41 on the repeats. I did a mile to warm up, five repeats at 3:38, 3:35, 3:36, 3:37 and 3:36 with recovery between each and a mile to cool down, for a total of 6.5 miles today.

I am not going to do the Virginia Beach half on Labor Day weekend this year. My brother doesn’t live down there anymore, and even though his roommates said I could keep staying there for free, I don’t really know either of them very well and I don’t want to impose on them. That would force me to pay for a hotel room, and I don’t know anyone else running that race, so the cost would be squarely on me.

Instead, I just signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November. A ton of people I know from an online runner’s group have already signed up for the Philly half and full marathons, so I know I’ll easily be able to split hotel costs with someone. I’ll probably even know someone who will run my pace with me. And since I’m running the half while there’s a full going on, I’ll get to hang around and cheer for my friends running the full after I’m done running.

I’m a little sad about not doing Virginia Beach this year. It was my first real race two years ago. Maybe I’ll run it again someday, but it’s not going to work out this year.

May 9, 2011

Training for 5/9/11

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This morning, I started another cycle of the last three weeks of the 100 push-up challenge workouts, did some ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting, and then took Pepper out for three easy miles, his first run in a week (it was raining last Wednesday and I wasn’t home Friday.) I finished up with barefoot exercises, stretching and foam rolling.

I feel pretty good today for having spent the weekend driving hundreds of miles, tailgating and going to NASCAR races, probably because I got in all my running miles over the weekend.

Very early Friday morning, Mike met Clark and me at our house, we picked up Chad on our way out of town and we were on the road for Charlotte by about 3:30 a.m. The drive down was uneventful. Clark drove the first two thirds of it while the rest of us slept. When we stopped for breakfast, Clark and I traded seats and he snoozed much of the rest of the way to Charlotte.

We got to the city just in time to drive in heavy traffic through a freak rainstorm while trying to find the exits to get to the Hall of Fame. We got to the parking garage around noon.

The Hall of Fame was pretty cool. When you paid for admission, they gave you a “hard card,” which just looked like a credit card. You could register it and supply your name and contact information, then use it to participate in some of the interactive exhibits throughout the hall. It would store all your data from the games you’d played, and supposedly it’s going to e-mail those scores to us. Why? I’m not sure.

Anyway, the first level of the hall featured the “glory road,” which was a long piece of race track that wrapped around the hall with race cars parked on it, starting with Red Byron’s first race-winning car and ending at Jimmie Johnson’s car. On the floor were Davey Allison, Tim Richmond and Alan Kulwicki’s cars.

We watched a 12-minute video about NASCAR in a theater, and then we went to the upper levels, which were full of memorabilia from 60-plus years of NASCAR and exhibits that let visitors pretend to be crew chiefs, inspectors, officials, pit crew members and of course drivers.

I got Mom and Dad a matching pair of personalized Hall of Fame coffee mugs as thank you gifts for watching Pepper over the weekend. We were on the road again by 2 p.m.

The drive to Dillon, S.C., where our hotel was, was a little more interesting. There was a highway that ran straight from Charlotte to I-95, off which our hotel was located, but Clark thought an alternative route in my road atlas looked quicker, so we went that way. It passed through a lot of farmland and a lot of small desolate towns. The towns were actually kinda depressing. Everything was closed and rundown. Finally, we made it to Dillon and our hotel, around 4:30 p.m.

We all showered and drove into Dillon for dinner at Bojangles. When I was trying to order, I couldn’t understand a word the cashier was saying — she spoke very fast and with a very thick southern accent — and I felt bad because I kept having to ask her to repeat herself, haha. But the chicken and biscuit and dirty rice I got were really good.

We went to Darlington after dinner, about a 30-minute drive from Dillon. There weren’t too many people there for the Nationwide race that night, maybe because it had rained much of the afternoon. We sat three rows from the bottom. It was painfully loud and every time the cars streamed by, the air they kicked up would blow little pieces of rubber and dirt in our faces. We all had to wipe off our beer cans every time we wanted to take a drink, haha.

At one point during the race, Mike and I went to look at the souvenir haulers. I was under the impression there was one that had some current Bobby Labonte merchandise, and I was excited about getting to wear an actual Bobby T-shirt to a race the next night for the first time in three years. Guess what — I couldn’t find it. We searched the whole place. Nothing. Boo.

Kyle Busch easily won the race. We headed back to Dillon, getting to our hotel around 11:30 p.m., 20 hours after leaving home. Somehow, the other three were still wide awake. They went to a bar in Dillon while I passed out from exhaustion in the hotel.

I woke up at 6 a.m. to go for a long run. I almost talked myself out of it several times — I was tired, I had another long day ahead of me, I would be alone in an unfamiliar area, I might get lost, I might get attacked by a strange dog (seriously, I am much more worried about dogs than people when I run), it was foggy outside. But I knew I’d be kicking myself all day if I didn’t get in my training, especially since I’d already missed out on the three easy miles I was supposed to run the day before.

I had a bowl of cereal in the hotel lobby, bought a bottle of water and packed my cell phone, driver’s license, cash, room key and written route directions in my little handheld camera case, and hit the road.

It started off poorly. The first part of the run was on the highway where the hotel was located. There were no shoulders. Drivers couldn’t see me in spite of my lime green tank top because of the fog. I spent most of that part of the run trudging through tall grass on the side of the road to avoid being hit by a car.

I found my first turn and was happy to see it was a pretty much deserted road. It was supposed to go down past a small local race track and then connect to the next road on my route. However, I never saw a race track. Instead, I ran into a locked gate that lead to the parking lot of a large business. WTF, Google maps?? I turned around and headed back to the highway.

At this point, I was really contemplating cutting the run short and just heading back to the hotel. For all I knew, the route I had mapped out was completely wrong. But, I didn’t get up at 6 a.m. to run two measly miles. I instead ran farther down the highway (again, mostly on the shoulder) and found the road the first one was supposed to connect to. I was back on track.

That road was mostly industrial. There was a concrete mixing business, some more trucking businesses. Nothing worth looking at. Things started looking up when I made it out of Dillon’s industrial zone though.

The rest of the run was gorgeous. All the roads wound through farmland with a few plantation-like houses sprinkled throughout. The word that came to my mind was “lush.” Everything was so green, and there was so much honeysuckle in the woods surrounding the fields, that was all I could smell. I hardly saw any cars out there.

I stopped every 30 minutes to take a swig from the water bottle, but the sun didn’t come out while I was running, so I never felt overheated. I finished what turned out to be 13.2 miles in 1:54:59, average pace of 8:42/mile. I felt incredible, and was really glad I’d made myself keep running.

Back at the hotel, I had another bowl of cereal and some coffee before showering. The other three were slowly making their way out of bed by that time. We left the hotel around 11:30 a.m. The sun was out, the fog had burned off and it had turned into a great day for tailgating.

We stopped first at a Walmart so Chad could get some shorts and then at a Harris-Teeter to get food. Our last stop was at a liquor store, where Clark found a bottle of Junior Johnson’s moonshine, the stuff that had gotten me so messed up in Bristol last year. He had bought a bottle of lemonade at Harris-Teeter to mix with it.

We got to the race track parking lot around 2:30 p.m. and started grilling. We started with little sausage patties and biscuits, then grilled up a ton of asparagus, and then grilled all the turkey burgers and hot dogs. We saw people riding horses through the parking lot. I’m not sure, but I don’t think those are allowed at Dover, haha.

At 7 p.m., we headed to the track. We had assigned seats for the Cup race, higher up than where we sat Friday night. They were great seats.

We got to see an excellent race. It was competitive throughout, and we got a surprise winner — Regan Smith skipped the pits on the last caution and restarted first. Everyone expected Carl Edwards to easily pass him on the restart, since he had two fresh tires, but Smith held on and won the thing. And the little rivalry between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick was pretty entertaining too.

It took us a while to get out of the parking lot after the race. We got back to the hotel around 2 a.m. No one wanted to go out to a bar Saturday night, haha.

I woke up at 7 a.m. Sunday and felt good, so I did the three easy miles I’d missed Friday. We all showered and packed up the car, and Mike bought some pretty heavy duty fireworks from the warehouse next door to the hotel. We were on the road headed for home at 9 a.m.

After a fairly uneventful drive, Clark and I got to our house around 4:30 p.m. I helped him unload the car and then went to my parents’ house to pick up Pepper. He did not have a good weekend! He howled all night Thursday after I dropped him off and left. He kept escaping from the pen when Dad tried to lock him up outside. He wailed all day Friday when Mom was at work and Dad was in and out of the house. Things got better Friday night, but only because Mom caved and let Pepper sleep in their bed, which Dad didn’t like, haha. I think Mom was the only one who was even a little sad to see Pepper leave last night. Julie will no longer look at him and Dad gave him a new nickname, “Psycho Retard,” or “PR.” Sigh.

Last night, Clark and Chad made these really great turkey burgers for their mom for Mother’s Day and I was asleep on the couch by 10 p.m.

And I’m not done with NASCAR yet — we’re going to Dover this weekend. I’m covering the Nationwide race for the paper Saturday, and then we’re going to the Cup race Sunday. We’re not tailgating this time though. I think we’re all grilled out for a while.

May 5, 2011

Training for 5/5/11

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I will not be drinking any margaritas tonight to celebrate. I hate tequila, and anyway, I have to try to get some sleep between packing for our trip to Darlington this weekend and leaving at 2:30 a.m. And I have a town meeting tonight, so I will be getting home from work much later than usual. So no time for celebrating the independence of a country in which I don’t even live.

This morning, I did my tempo run. I matched my longest-ever tempo run — 50 minutes. I ran my 10.5-mile loop to get it all in.

I started with an easy mile to warm up. Then I ran 6.6 miles in 50 minutes, for an average pace of 7:34/mile. I did five minutes of recovery jogging, and then ran eight 30-second sprint intervals with a minute of recovery between each. I had less than a mile to run home when those were finished. In all, I ran 10.5 miles in 1:24:54, overall average pace of 8:05/mile.

Since we’re leaving tonight, there will be no more posts until next week. My hope is to get in an easy 3-miler at some point tomorrow and then my 12-mile long run Saturday morning. I have been scoping out the area near our hotel thanks to Google maps, and it looks like if I can just survive a roughly half-mile run down the highway on which our hotel is located, I will make it to a road that runs first past an old racetrack and then leads to some nice back roads like I’m used to running. I’m planning on Sunday being a total rest day.

May 4, 2011

Training for 5/4/11

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This morning, I started with ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting upstairs. It was raining pretty hard, so I decided to let Pepper out of the house to see if he would put up with it for our run. He was acting like an idiot just on the steps outside the door because of the rain, so I let him back inside and then quickly stepped back out before he realized what was happening.

It was a very cold rain, and it was coming down hard. The worst part was when I hit the turnaround point of the three-mile route and had to run head-on into the wind for a while. I can’t remember the last time I ran and was colder when I finished than when I started.

After draping all of my wet clothes over the shower rods to dry, I put on some dry clothes and did some stretching and foam rolling.

Yesterday, I went out to the track for my workout. I was supposed to do three mile repeats at goal half marathon pace, which is 7:45/mile. Yesterday was much warmer than today, and sunny, but still windy.

My three repeats were 7:36, 7:38 and 7:29. With warmup, recoveries and cooldown, I ran a total of 6 miles yesterday.

May 2, 2011

Training for 5/2/11

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It’s an off week for push-ups, so this morning I did all my usual strength training exercises except them — ab exercises, invisible chair-sitting and weight lifting — then did three easy miles with Pepper, crop duster-free, and came home to do some barefoot exercises and stretching.

Saturday morning, I ran the Oxford Day 10K in Oxford. I’m rather pleased with my race.

I got to Oxford about half an hour before the 8 a.m. start. TK and Kari had just arrived as well, so we picked up our bibs and race T-shirts and then got in line for the bathroom. As soon as I was done with the bathroom, I jogged back to my car to put away my sweatshirt and race T-shirt, then jogged a little more to finish my little warm-up. I got back to the race site just as they were calling runners to line up.

I started a few rows back from the front. We got the starting commands and were off!

The course was pretty simple. We ran about a mile out of town, turned around and ran back, and then basically did two more out-and-backs like that. I was glad it was a simple course, because near the end of the race, it got pretty spread out and there were times I couldn’t see anyone in front of me, but I was able to stay on course.

Anyway, I settled into what felt like a good pace and when we hit the first mile marker, I was shocked to see a 7:13 — I was aiming for 7:30/mile. Not long after that was the first turnaround, and I soon found out why that first mile had been so fast. The strong wind had been at our backs.

So that meant the wind was in our faces for a lot of the second mile. It wasn’t coming in from any angle, it was just a full-on blast to the front. I caught up to who was actually the second place woman in that mile. But as soon as we turned off that road and the wind wasn’t coming at us like that, she took off and never looked back, haha.

I think I hit the second mile marker around 14:49, so I was still below a 7:30/mile average pace, thanks to that strong first mile. I had also pretty much settled into the place I would run the rest of the race. I only passed two more guys in the last 4.2 miles (but no one else passed me.)

The second out-and-back was never straight into or with the wind. I hit the third and fourth mile markers at 22:30 and 30:02 — perfect 7:30/mile pace. The fifth mile, which was the “out” of the final out-and-back, was in the same direction as the first mile, so we had a nice tailwind. I don’t remember my time from the fifth mile marker. We hit the last turnaround not long past that. A volunteer yelled I was making it look easy and I laughed. It didn’t feel so easy!

Since we had such a nice tailwind going out, of course that meant we also had a bad headwind on the way back. I was spent! And that wind wasn’t helping anything.

I kept my eye on the Oxford water tower as I ran back toward town. I never saw the sixth mile marker, but a volunteer yelled I was in the homestretch as I passed the water tower. I recognized where I was from my warm-up and knew the volunteer was right.

I turned the final corner and there it was — the finish line! Something had gone wrong with the race director’s clock so it wasn’t running, but my watch said 46:40 when I stopped it. That was also listed as my official time.

That is a PR of a minute and 13 seconds over my previous best 10K time from five months ago. My average pace was closer to 7:32/mile, but considering the wind, I was really happy with the race.

The race director who tore off my name tag from my bib was the same one who had been riding his bike ahead of the race leader, so he had seen me a few times on the course through the race. He told me I ran a good race — not that I had a good finish, but that I ran the whole race well. That also made me happy.

I did a little cooldown jogging and waited at the finish line to cheer on TK and Kari to the finish.

When they posted the results, I was first of 23 in the F 20-29 age group, third female overall out of 98 and 17th finisher overall out of 170. I got a little wooden age group award that was made to look like a pink ribbon (the race was to raise money for breast cancer research.)

Oxford was starting to get packed by that time. The 10K was just one of the first of many events going on for Oxford Day, so getting out of town was a lot harder than getting in.

I stopped in Federalsburg on the way home and covered something for the paper. The rest of the day, I did all the stuff around the house I meant to do last week, and then we watched the NASCAR race from Richmond that night.

Sunday, I took Pepper to the trail for a few easy miles, went to a baby shower and then went to a family dinner at my aunt’s house.

I’m taking off tomorrow for my uncle’s funeral, so there won’t be a post, but I do plan to run my track workout tomorrow morning.

And, since it’s now May, I must do my monthly summary.


  • Week 1 (April 1-2): 13.5 miles
  • Week 2 (April 3-9): 37.4
  • Week 3 (April 10-16): 29.5
  • Week 4 (April 17-23): 45.4
  • Week 5 (April 24-30): 38.8

Total: 164.6 miles

Since my long runs are topping out around 12 miles right now, I was surprised by how many miles I ran this month. I guess running every single day except one adds up.

Outside of training, I ran my first mud run on the 16th and ran a new 10K PR on the 30th.

May is mostly training, except for a 5-mile race on Memorial Day weekend. That race last year was my first one back after my injury, and it was miserable. I’m really looking forward to running it a whole lot better this year.

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