A Simple Running Log

May 27, 2011

Training for 5/27/11

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I got up at 5 a.m. today to run my final two-hour long run before the half marathon. It was another warm, muggy morning. Even though my shorts and sports bra still weren’t completely dried out from yesterday’s run, I put them on anyway, because I figured it wouldn’t matter about a mile into today’s. I was right.

I was originally planning on the same 14.5-mile loop I’ve run the last two times I did a two-hour run, but I figured I’d be slow today because of the heat, and I would take a shortcut home if it looked like it was going to take me too long to run the whole 14.5. Usually I wouldn’t care; I’d just run however long it took me to finish my intended miles. But I had somewhere to be for work this morning, so I had to stick to a schedule.

I wasn’t as miserably hot as I was yesterday, but it was still not a super enjoyable run. I cut a mile off the run, finishing 13.5 miles in two hours and 14 seconds, average pace of 8:54/mile. Not too shabby.

At home, I again had to wring out my running clothes and hang them up to dry. I was sweating like a pig. Clark had not yet left for work. He took one look at me after I walked in the door and said, “Gross.”

I couldn’t argue.

Anyway, that’s it for double-digit runs before the half marathon. I have a track workout and a short tempo run next week, along with a few short easy runs, and that’s it for training. I hope I either get used to the hot weather or we catch a break on race day and get something less humid and a little cooler. The race is on Dover Air Force Base, which means no shade.

The plan for this weekend is to run a few easy miles tomorrow, smash my (extremely weak) 5-mile PR in Sunday’s race and enjoy the extra day off Monday. Should be a good weekend for all of that.

Finally, I want to share these pictures of myself I found in the Seashore Striders’ online album yesterday. I’m finishing the Dam Mill 5K in Millsboro last August.

Some notes:

1. While I love the muscle definition in the first one, something about my bulging neck veins makes me think “SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!” every time I look at it.

2. It’s amazing how much softer I look in the second one, even though it was probably taken only a split second before or after the first.

3. I have the same expression in both shots, however. That’s what juuuust pulling off a goal time looks like, haha.

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