A Simple Running Log

May 19, 2011

Training for 5/19/11

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Boy, did today’s run SUCK.

I had my longest tempo run to date on the schedule, 55 minutes. My plan was to run a mile to warm up, run 55 minutes at 7:30/mile pace, do five minutes of recovery jogging, run at least eight 30-second sprints and then run the rest of the way home for a cooldown.

I felt tired and sluggish on the warmup mile, but I reminded myself the first mile is always the worst of any run.

But when I started the 55 minutes, I could tell it was not going to be my day. I just felt tired, achey, blah. Flat. I hit the approximate first mile marker in 7:41, which only added to my woe. I was already slow and I had another 47 minutes to run at this pace?

I made it through 55 minutes of that torture, but I had to walk three times. Three times! I paused the watch every time I stopped though. I wasn’t letting myself get out of one second of running at that pace just for being a pansy.

I was so freaking happy when the watch counted off 55 minutes. I walked some of the recovery too. Then I ran nine 30-second sprints with a minute of recovery jogging between each and putted the rest of the way home.

In total, I ran 11.8 miles in about an hour and 39 minutes, overall average pace of 8:23/mile, which isn’t terrible, but is way off the pace of my usual tempo runs. And oh yeah — I had to WALK.

I don’t know if I psyched myself out because it was my longest tempo run ever, if I was actually behind on sleep or dehydrated or something, if I was just feeling the effects of this morning’s high humidity or if it was a combination of all of the above, but it was just a flat-out shitty run.

I also had the worst side stitch I’ve had in a long time for about the entire final mile, so I was at least dehydrated by the end of that run for sure.

At home, I gulped a glass of chocolate milk and a glass of water and did some stretches and foam rolling.

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