A Simple Running Log

May 17, 2011

Training for 5/17/11

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This morning I had my longest track workout to date planned, four mile repeats at half marathon race pace with a mile to warm up, a mile to cool down and a half-mile of recovery between each repeat, for a total of 7.5 miles. That’s 30 laps around a track. Ugh.

Normally, I would be thrilled with the rain that was coming down this morning, but that meant I couldn’t wear my iPod like I did the last time I did boring mile repeats. Ugh again.

But, it was on today’s schedule, so it had to be done.

The track was empty when I got there. That’s one bright spot of rain on track days — no walkers. I ran my warm up, and then my first mile repeat in 7:39, a little faster than I should have run it, but not too bad. I ran my recovery laps and then took off on the second repeat.

Halfway through, walkers showed up. To walk in the rain. This is unheard of at this track. As I was coming around to the backstretch on the final lap of the second mile repeat, I saw my biggest pet peeve up ahead — the two walkers, side by side, in the inside lanes, including MY lane, the one I had been using since before they even got there. Ugh AGAIN.

I caught them on the final turn of the lap, darted to the third lane to pass them and then immediately cut back into the first lane, kind of an immature, passive-aggressive way of saying “This is my lane, you guys can have the other five.” I finished that repeat in 7:38.

Halfway through the second lap of the recovery, I heard something strange. Were those footsteps coming up behind me? Sure enough, out of nowhere, a guy runs past me in the second lane — and then cuts in front of me back into the inside lane, as if to say, “I’m faster, get the hell out of my lane!”

The tables were turned. But I wasn’t too worried about it. I was about to start the thrid mile repeat, and then he would see I belonged in the first lane after all.

As I started the third repeat, I could see him going around the curve onto the backstretch. I thought I might even get to catch him and show him who should be in the inside lane and who shouldn’t be.

It never happened though. The next time I saw him, he was running down the sidewalk outside the track. The guy had run to the track, done two laps around it and went on his way. Which meant all he saw was me putting around the track on a recovery lap.

I wanted to yell after him, “Hey! Look! I CAN run faster than that!” But I decided that would be weird.

I finished the third mile in 7:36. After another recovery half-mile, I ran the final repeat in 7:36, and then did a mile to cool down.

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