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November 15, 2010

Training for 11/15/10

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This morning, I was supposed to run three miles easy in addition to weight training, but yesterday was supposed to be a rest day and I ran a 7-mile trail race instead, so I rebelled and only did the weight training today. Which was just as well, because it was foggy as shit out there this morning and I didn’t feel like getting run over by a school bus.

I had a pretty awesome running weekend. The weather warmed up just enough so it was perfect running temperatures in a tank top and shorts. It was also clear and sunny all weekend. Just gorgeous outside.

Saturday afternoon, I ran about 11.2 miles easy. To keep myself focused more on the distance and less on the time, I did not run the chrono on my watch and I took my camera so I could get some shots of the fall scenery. I think I ran the loop in about an hour and 50 minutes, so about 9:49/mile, including all the photo op stops I made.

About a mile into the run. The ferry was actually running.

A little less than a mile later, I ran into my two little friends. Their owner seems to have finally broken them of the habit of following me.

Woodland Golf Park, now abandoned. Clark said he used to play there a lot in high school because it was cheap.

Woodland Ferry, preparing to head back across the Nanticoke River.

Just past the ferry, the road continues along the river for a while.

Then you get into the swamp. Apparently high school kids like to ride back here and spray paint things on the road. Like Maggie, who has claimed the bridge.

The bridge is covered in graffiti. I tried to keep the swastikas and giant penises out of the shot.

Heading down Woodland Church Road, about 7 miles in.

Quail Trail. No one lives on this road, which makes me wonder why it was paved.

Halloween decorations just look creepy two weeks after Halloween.

Finally, home sweet home. Now with a garage sweet garage. A little more than 11 miles, done.

So that was my long run. I went to my friend’s son’s birthday party that evening and ate more than enough for my race the next day.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, weather-wise. I got to the race site a little later than I wanted to, and had to park rather far from the registration table. So by the time I walked back to my car to put away my wallet and sweatshirt, I realized I would not have enough time to pee once I walked back to the race site. I then realized I was pretty much standing in the woods and no one was around. So yeah, I copped a squat right there by my car and emptied my bladder.

As soon as I got back to the race site, they were lining up everyone for the start. There was a 5K run, a 7-mile run, a 5K walk and a one-mile walk. They started the 5K run first. The 7-mile run left about four minutes later. The start was a little crowded, and naturally, some rather slow runners had positioned themselves pretty close to the front, but it all got sorted out by less than a half mile in.

The course was at the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge, which has several boat landings accessible by mostly hard-packed dirt lanes, but there are also some loose gravel lanes. The 7-mile course was basically a run out to the farthest landing and back, and then runs out and back to two other landings, before returning to the race start site by way of a wooded trail. No pavement at all.

I hit the first mile marker in 8:05 and felt pretty good at that pace. I figured I would just hang around there the rest of the race. Soon after that, I was passed by an older woman and an older man and wound up following them the rest of the way.

We slowed a bit through the gravel, which was actually some rather large stones, and then again on a dirt path that was more like sand, but for the most part, we held that pace and I finished in 57:04, an average pace of 8:09/mile. So I didn’t fall off my first mile much throughout the race, which I liked.

The church that benefitted from the race put on a pretty impressive post-race lunch that was free to the runners. As always, I wasn’t in the mood to eat much immediately after a run, but I did manage to eat some fruit and a bowl of really good pumpkin-ginger veggie soup.

Then, it turned out I had won second in my age group (out of four), so I hung around to get the award, which was just a printed page in a cheap plastic frame. I was 47th overall out of 93 finishers and the 11th woman out of 37.

The women's 25-29 age group winners. I'm in the middle, if you can't tell.

The Ravens played Thursday night, so I didn’t miss the game, and the race didn’t start until 3 p.m., so I only missed about the first half, but I made it home in plenty of time, unfortunately, to see Denny Hamlin have to pit for gas just before the end of the race, after dominating it all day, and Jimmie Johnson stretch his fuel to the end. Hamlin finished 12th and Johnson was 5th, which cut Hamlin’s lead to 15 going into the final race of the season. However, Kevin Harvick also made it to the end without that extra stop for gas, and finished 6th, so he’s only 46 out. It should be an interesting finish next week. I just wish Johnson wasn’t still in the hunt.

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