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September 27, 2010

Training for 9/27/10

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This morning, I did some weight training, started another cycle of the last three weeks of the 100 push-up challenge workouts and did some abs and stretching. My calves were unbelievably tight this morning, which surprised me, but I guess it had something to do with running a fast 5K (though sadly not my fastest) Saturday morning and then walking several miles at the track that afternoon and yesterday.

OK, so the 5K on Saturday… the race didn’t start until 9 a.m., and Federalsburg is less than 10 minutes from my house, so there was no 5 a.m. alarm clock like most race days. In fact, I woke up before my alarm. I took my time getting ready for the race, got a small black coffee from McDonald’s on the way into town and was at the race site by just after 8 a.m.

Aunt Helen had pre-registered me (for some reason, she likes to “sponsor” me by paying my entry fee for this race, which sure doesn’t bother me.) I got my race bib and event T-shirt, pulled off the T-shirt I was wearing, pinned my bib to my shorts and did some warm up jogging.

There’s this tendon on the top of my left foot that, for some reason, was really bothered by the tongue on the 905s I wore on the 19-mile run Thursday. I have run many, many miles in those shoes since I got them last Christmas, and they have never bothered either foot before. So my left foot was just being a bitch, but it was still noticably painful to wear any shoes with a tongue, including the 100s I decided to debut in this race.

At any rate, 8:55 a.m. rolled around and we walked over to the starting line, got some instructions and were sent on our way.

Adrenaline kicked in at this point and I forgot about my stupid foot. I started pretty much at the front of the pack. A few men pulled ahead, but so did a woman. Again, just like last year, I passed her less than a half mile into the race.

But, unlike last year, she hung with me for quite a while. In fact, at the top of the hill near the end of the first mile, I heard footsteps very close behind me. When I glanced at the shadow of the runner behind me, I saw a ponytail swinging.

So I ran faster. I don’t know when I dropped her, but I finally did.

At this point, I was closing in on the third place runner. It didn’t take me very long to catch him, but I just couldn’t pass him. I think I knew I wouldn’t be running that fast if I wasn’t following someone. This year’s race was quite a bit warmer than last year’s, and my legs were still kinda beat from the 19-miler two days prior. My legs were getting that so-worn-out-they’re-numb feeling by the time we hit the water stop, about 60 percent of the way through the race. It took a lot more mental effort than usual in a 5K to keep running.

I held on to my pacer. He got away from me a bit coming back to the marina, but I closed back in as we hit the 3-mile marker. I definitely didn’t have anything left to try to finally pass him though.

Approaching the finish line.

We sailed through the finish line and my pacer turned around and said, “I thought you were going to beat me!”

I said, “I knew I wasn’t!” as I realized my pacer was my 10th grade world history teacher, Mr. Smith. From what I can remember, Mr. Smith has run the Boston Marathon, so I felt pretty good about hanging with him through a tough 5K on a warm day with tired legs.

The stats:

  • 22:46
  • 1st female overall (beat 2nd female by more than a minute)
  • 4th finisher overall out of 66

The women's masters champ, the men's masters champ, me (overall women's winner) and the overall men's winner.

I also ran a couple more miles at home at a recovery pace to bring the day’s total to six miles.

That was the end of my races until the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 31. For the next month, I’m concentrating solely on getting ready for this marathon. I can’t wait!

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