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November 30, 2009

Training for 11/30/09

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This morning I did nothing but read a book. I was going to do some weight training, but I decided to either skip it today entirely or do it tonight because I felt I deserved the rest. This has been my long weekend since last posting last Wednesday:

If you recall, I skipped a planned run Wednesday because my left Achilles was beginning to hurt and I wanted to give it two days off instead of just one before attempting two races this weekend. I borrowed my mother-in-law’s heating pad when we went to her house for Thanksgiving dinner that night. For much of Thursday, I iced and heated it while lounging about and watching the parade. It was feeling pretty good by the time I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother’s house that night.

I tried to restrain myself at dinner, as I had to run a 10K the next morning, but seriously, what is that holiday for if not eating a slice of sweet potato AND pumpkin pie after a huge plate of dinner?

Friday morning, I woke up to gusting winds and temperatures that had plummeted overnight thanks to some jerkface cold front. I ate a bowl of Total and headed to Easton for the 10 a.m. start.

Kara was there to run her first-ever 5K, which was running concurrently with the 10K, and TK and Kari were there to run their third 5Ks since September.

The 10K course was relatively flat, there were enough trees and houses to block much of the wind and once we got moving I wasn’t cold, but damn that gluttony came back to haunt me. My stomach was cramping so bad it made keeping any kind of pace difficult. I was so sorry I had not signed up for the 5K when I saw the 3-mile marker. Around the fourth mile, I took some water from an aid station and walked about 30 seconds. I only had a couple miles to go at that point, so I envisioned a two-mile out-and-back from my house and convinced myself I could make it that far.

My goal had been to run in less than double my worst 5K time, which is 24:58. Anything under 50 minutes would have made me happy.

I came around the final bend to hear Kara, TK and Kari cheering for me and gratefully crossed the line. I looked at my watch, which was around 49 minutes. My friends said the race clock was at 48:55 or so when I crossed.

I’m glad they were paying attention, because, for the second time in the last two months, my timing chip failed and I didn’t get an official time. 

Oh well. I ran my first 10K, came in under my goal time and didn’t throw up, and my friends had a good time with the 5K.

One race down, one to go.

Saturday was clear and bright, but still cold and windy as hell. TK and her mom picked me up to go run another 5K in Rehoboth. I had expected to be quite a bit more sore from the 10K the day before, but I wasn’t at all. Still, I had no plans to run this race hard. I was going mostly for the Christmas shopping at the outlets afterwards.

The course was laid out near part of the course for the half marathon I ran in Rehoboth last weekend. We got going and I settled into a good pace — definitely not my best, but still a decent clip. I felt a lot better, stomach-wise, than I did the day before.

There were a ton of young kids in this race. Usually they go out at top speed and burn out by the half-mile point, but these kids must have been part of a running club. Even if I had been running my best, I would have been blown away by some girls more than 10 years younger than me.

Anyway, I finished the race in 23:31, more than a minute off my best time, but still good enough to take first in my age group. And then did some hardcore shopping.

The winds finally died late Saturday, and it was so nice yesterday morning when I woke up I went to a state park for what turned into a 7-mile trail run.

It was a pretty good weekend of running I think. And that is why I’m resting today, even though it’s technically the first day of my marathon training.

And, since this is the last day of the month, here’s a November summary:


  • Week 1 (Nov. 1-7): 31
  • Week 2 (Nov. 8-14): 27
  • Week 3 (Nov. 15-21): 30
  • Week 4 (Nov. 22-28): 15
  • Week 5 (Nov. 29-30): 7

Total mileage: 110 miles

So, I ran one more mile this month than I did in October, making this my highest mileage month yet.

I also set a new PR in the half marathon (1:49:19 on Nov. 21) and ran my first-ever 10K. And I ran a low-effort 5K faster than I ran an all-out one in May.

Next month is the first of three and a half months of training for my first full marathon. There are 99 miles on the schedule, including a 5K on Dec. 19 in Lewes.


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